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A66 Redhills
CA11 0DT
United Kingdom
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Double Room ? Flexible rate (Cancel up until noon on the date of arrival) £49.00 £49.00

About this hotel

Take in the majesty of Cumbria and the Lake District with a stay at Penrith Hotel, walking and hiking in the surrounding hills and exploring the history of the town. Start your stay with a visit to Rheged Visitors Centre, a short walk from the hotel. The stunning Lake District is only 11 miles away with Ullswater Lake and Lake Windermere within driving distance.

The hotel has our fresh new look and features Travelodge’s new room design complete with Dreamer Bed so you can be sure of a great night’s sleep. 

Useful Information


Guests should be aware that access to certain rooms at the hotel is restrictive. This is due to the location of the hotel and external buildings being on a sloping landscape. Please contact the hotel for more details.

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Directions supplied by Travelodge

0.5 miles west of junction 40 off the M6 on the A66, 15 miles east of Keswick.

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Travelodge car park has 54 spaces free of charge, available on a first-come first-served basis.

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