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Rowing in the UK

13 years ago, Steve Redgrave won his 5th consecutive Olympic gold medal. In last year’s Olympics, Britain collected a medal in 9 of 14 rowing categories. It’s quite clear that our country has a special relationship with the water-based sport. Here’s what you should know and where you should visit to learn more about one […]


Our Favourite British Estate Homes

Between 12th and 15th September interesting and rarely-viewed buildings all over the country are opening their doors to visitors. The Heritage Open Days event is the perfect opportunity to get to visit all sorts of places that are normally off limits, or that you might not think to go to. Us the opportunity to appreciate […]


September Sports Events Roundup

As the excitement of Wimbledon fades into the past, the summer sporting season is coming to a close. But that just means it’s time for a new sport season to begin, and now is a better time than ever to get tickets to one of the big games coming up. Here are some events not […]