Help us make the UK the most family friendly country in Europe

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The Family Friendly charity scheme is a ground-breaking nationwide project that brings together businesses and public service organisations committed to putting the needs of families first.

The scheme offers and supports organisations to examine their family friendly offer and take steps to improve their services.

Being family friendly means putting the needs of families at the heart of how you do things. That means thinking of how families interact with your organisation as customers/service users: not only families with children, butFamily & Parenting Institute Logo the whole family - from young children to older relatives, as well as those with teenage or grown-up children.

It also means thinking about your staff as family members and understanding the commitments they have, for example in caring for children, or for older relatives. Above all, it means listening to families and showing them that you are listening.

Family Friendly is run by the Family and Parenting Institute (FPI), a registered charity working to make the UK a better place for families.

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