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18th Jun 2006

June is the grumpiest month for Brits, according to a new survey.

Hot, humid nights mean, we miss out on 57 hours of sleep during flaming June - that's more than one entire week.

Sleep deprivation is taking its toll with 78 per cent of adults admitting they are moodier in June than any other month.

Nearly 90 per cent of us (88%) lose sleep every night with two hours being the average amount lost.

More than three quarters of the population (69%) will take one to two days off work to catch up on lost sleep.

Seventy per cent of parents admit they are woken up at least three times a night by children struggling in the heat and humidity.

According to a snap survey by Travelodge, sleep deprivation is fuelling more arguments at work, bust-ups between couples and kids being snapped at.

A higher number of men and women also admit they are likely to have an attack of travel rage due to the heat and exhaustion.

One in two (49%) tired or hot drivers will shout at another motorist out of frustration at least once over the month.

A quarter will use bad language, 40 per cent will make rude gestures and a really mad one in five will go as far as tailgating an unsuspecting driver.

More than one in five short tempered rail, tube or train commuters admit they will make a rude comment to another traveller while 15 per cent will end up arguing with staff.

Over a quarter (27%) of commuters will even shout at a partner or child when they are travelling.

Work will be the tensest place during moody June, 45 per cent of hot, tired men and women admitting they will take their grumpiness out on colleagues.

Partners, kids, friends and even the boss will also come under attack from irritable adults.

Wayne Munnelly, Travelodge Sleep Director said: "We wait all year for the hot weather, but when it arrives, most of us arent prepared.

"Hot humid nights seem to be the root cause of most peoples problems. We lose valuable hours of sleep and everything goes downhill from there.

"The lack of sleep makes us irritable, that combined with soaring temperatures in the day make many of us quite tense. We like the heat - but it takes us time to get used to it."

Top five Tips to help you sleep in the summer months:

- Sleep in 100 per cent natural fibre sheets
- Change your sheets every couple of days
- Change your duvet to a lighter tog (4.5 to 6)
- Have a shower or bath before bedtime
- Have a milky drink or herbal tea before going to bed

But the June misery doesnt end with lack of sleep - up to 40 per cent will suffer sun burn, while one in five will endure sun stroke or an increase in their asthma symptoms.

The same number will also be laid low by hay fever while 15 per cent endure heat related migraines, according to Travelodge.

Exhaustion, dehydration and nose bleeds will also increase as the temperature rises.

Work pals (43%) will also suffer the most from body odour followed by friends (27%) and commuters (23%).

Just over 80 per cent of Brits also admit getting fed up in June - because they are too ashamed of their bodies to strip off and soak up the sun.

While 77 per cent get depressed in during the first really hot month of the year because they are still dieting for a summer body.


For further information, please contact:

Shakila Ahmed

Travelodge PR Manager

Direct Line: 01844 35 8638

Mobile: 07802 702 499

Notes to Editor:

The survey was conducted in June 2006 by 72 point

Figures based on Office of National Statistics
46,613,000 Britons over 18 yrs (24,121,700 women and 22,491,300 men)

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