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Press releases


10th Jun 2006

Moody, unable to sleep, no interest in sex - more than half of Britains men (53%) are experiencing the tell-tale signs of PMT. Pre-Match Tension, that is.

Many men believe the World Cup is one of the most stressful events of their lives. Nearly seven million men say watching Englands World Cup games is more nerve-racking than a job interview and three and a half million consider following Englands performance to be more demanding than their wedding day.

As a result of World Cup nerves, two million men will get just four hours of sleep or less the night before England's big games this summer. Only 30 per cent of men will manage expert's recommended eight hours.

A Travelodge study of more than 2000 respondents highlighted several key PMT symptoms men (and their partners) can expect during the World Cup:
- One in three men (30%) are unable concentrate on family and work matters
- A quarter of men (25%) say football is their number one priority
- One in ten mens (10%) performance in bed will suffer
- Almost six million men (25%) would rather watch the game than have sex
- Over 3 million men (14%) expect to be more moody and irritable during the competition

To combat the stress of watching England in action on the pitch, most men rely on drinking alcohol (40%) and texting mates to debate the game (24%).

When they do get to sleep, more than a million men will wear an England football shirt and almost nine million have dreamed of playing for England and scoring the winning goal in the World Cup final.

Wayne Munnelly, Director of Sleep at Travelodge, said: "All the excitement and hype around the World Cup is clearly taking a toll on Britain's men. Pre-Match Tension is going to be a very real issue over the next few weeks and it's important Brits make a concerted effort to get a good night's sleep during nerveracking times like these. A lack of shut-eye can cause irritability and concentration problems - the last things you need when you want to sit back and enjoy a good game.

"Simple things like relaxing in a warm bath before bed can really help induce a good night's sleep."

Shaking off the stereotype, over six million women reported feeling just as stressed as men about England's prospects in the Cup. One in four women (28%) say they will be nervous before England's games.


For more information, please contact:
Jo Begbie
Travelodge PR Manager
01844 358 624
07841 725 053

Figures based on Office of National Statistics:
- 24,121,700 British women and 22,491,300 British men over 18 years

- Travelodge research conducted by 72 point in May 2006 among 2000 UK adults.

- As the first budget hotel brand to launch in the UK in 1985, Travelodge currently has approximately 292 hotels across the UK in city centres, near attractions and airports.

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