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Press releases


27th Oct 2006

If you are fed-up carting around a handful of chargers for all of your gadgets, a revolutionary new gizmo called the 'SynCh' could be your saviour. The small, lightweight multi charger that allows you to charge two electrical devices at the same time will be available in the UK for the first time today.

The compact device is just 12cm long, weighs 50grams and has a retractable cable. The 'SynCh' comes complete with connectors so all of the following can be charged on the move: mobile phones, Mp3 players, iPods, Blackberry, Bluetooth headsets, games consoles and PDA's. It also has a 'USB 2.0' capability which allow you transfer data such as documents, photographs, video and play-lists between devices and computers/laptops.

The 'SynCh' will be launched by the hotel chain Travelodge and will be piloted at ten hotels throughout the country. Guests can use the 'SynCh' free of charge during their stay or purchase one of their own from Travelodges website The 'SynCh' will cost from 20.

Travelodge partnered with the makers of the 'SynCh' following a huge increase in the number of customers requesting electrical chargers whilst staying in their hotels.

Over a third of the nation, regularly forget their chargers when travelling. For 60%, this absent-mindedness makes them feel angry, annoyed and stupid. The research also revealed 33% of respondents are worried sick that they will run out of battery and their device will die on them at a crucial time.

Guy Parsons, Travelodge Chief Operating Officer said: "Travelodge is always looking at new low cost ways of making our customers' lives easier. Our receptionists get many requests for spare chargers, as it is common for customers to leave theirs at home. It's impossible for us to stock a wide range of electrical gadget chargers but with the 'SynCh' we can now offer this unique service at a low cost".

Travelodges research also showed that 89% of Brits constantly carry a charger and more than one in ten carry two everyday. The mobile phone charger at 63% was voted the top charger people hate carrying around with them.

Joe Boyle from 'SynCh' said: "These days we rely so much on our mobile phones, Blackberry's, and other gadgets to keep ourselves up to date and in touch with our friends, families, colleagues and customers. Its not surprising that we get stressed when the batteries run out. The 'SynCh' is a small, convenient, portable and affordable solution to this common problem. Travelodge is leading the way by introducing this innovative service for its customers".

The survey revealed 96% of Brits own a mobile phone, 58% have an MP3 player, 84% have a digital camera and 44% own a laptop. 46% claim to have between five and 15 chargers rattling around their home for various devices.

More than a quarter of us, have more than two mobile phones. A whopping 70% of people polled said they keep their old phone chargers but six per cent just throw them away. Less than 10% of us bother to recycle our old phone chargers. But more than quarter of people just dont know what to do with their redundant chargers.

Further information on the 'SynCh' is available at


For further information, please contact:

Shakila Ahmed, PR Manager
Direct Line: 01844 35 8703

Notes to Editors

Images are available from the press office

The Synch is going to be launched in the UK via Travelodge. It will be trialled at the following Travelodge hotels from November 2006 - Glasgow Central, Liverpool Central, Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Central, Bristol Central, London Covent Garden, London Liverpool Street, London Docklands, London Kings Cross and Chessington Tolworth.

Travelodge customers will be able to purchase the 'SynCh' at a 15% discounted price via the Travelodge website

For more information on the 'SynCh', visit In brief

The 'SynCh' Charger is unique and by using its wide range of connectors you can sync and charge a vast range of small electronic devices including mobile phones, iPods, mp3 players, BlackBerrys, PDAs, Sony PlayStationPortable, Bluetooth headsets. It can handle two devices at once.

The 'SynCh' can charge from 3 power sources wall socket, car socket and USB port on a computer laptop.

For more information, on the 'SynCh' contact:
Joe Boyle
Tel: 01582 462264
Mob: 07747 766939

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