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Press releases

Notes for a good night's sleep: The A to Zzzzzzzzz

7th Apr 2008

Coldplay number one in UK 'kip parade', while Jordan out on top for bedtime reading

A new report confirms what some critics have been saying for years - Coldplay are sending Brits off to sleep. The group top the 2008 'kip parade' of songs lulling Brits into slumber, with James Blunt coming a close second in a Travelodge study examining the lullabies and 'literature' that help induce a good night's sleep.

Chris Martin's monotonous melodies were voted in the top spot of sleep-inducing songs with James Blunt, Snow Patrol, Take That and Norah Jones completing the top five. Meanwhile, Britons admitted they are turning to autobiographies by the likes of Jordan to provide the most sleep-inducing bedtime story - the pin-up's autobiography was voted in the top spot for sending the nation into a swift slumber. The study into the bedtime rituals and techniques of 2,250 UK adults also revealed time-honoured methods such as counting sheep are no longer effective in combating sleeplessness. (See notes to editors for research findings)

Hot on Jordan's high heels to complete the top five 'kip-notic' reads were the autobiographical offerings of David Beckham, Jodie Marsh, Coleen McLoughlin and Sharon Osbourne, all of which were voted highly effective bedtime reading to send Britons into a deep and uninterrupted sleep. Thrillers topped the list of literary genres to induce a good slumber - perhaps making up for a lack of other kinds of thrills in the bedroom - 88% preferred to settle to sleep with a good book, film, music or TV programme than to have sex.

The latest research also revealed that more than one in twenty Brits fall asleep with the TV on every night, with almost a quarter (22%) regularly turning to the nation's politicians on Question Time and Newsnight to lull them into the land of nod.

The top five autobiography authors voted most likely to send the nation to sleep are:

1. Jordan
2. David Beckham
3. Jodie Marsh
4. Coleen McLoughlan
5. Sharon Osbourne

The top five artists featuring in the 'kip parade' are:

1. Coldplay
2. James Blunt
3. Snow Patrol
4. Take That
5. Norah Jones

Leigh McCarron, Sleep Director at Travelodge, commented, "The research shows that we are increasingly relying on slow, sleepy music and unchallenging books to take our minds off the pressures of modern living to help us switch off and get to sleep at night - and Coldplay and Jordan seem to hit just the right spot among Britain's insomniacs."


Notes to editors

- The research was conducted by OnePoll in March 2008, among 2248 Britons

87% of Brits are no longer counting sheep to lull themselves to sleep. Listed below are the top five sleepinducing counting techniques used by modern Brits:

Women Men

1. Tasks to do the next day 1. Money
2. Days until their next holiday 2. Past sexual conquests
3. Shoes / handbags 3. Goals scored by their football team
4. Calories 4. Celebrity pin ups
5. Items on their shopping list 5. Song lyrics

Listed below are the top ten rituals exercised daily by Britons before bedtime:

Checking all the locks (68%)
Touring the house to turn off all electrical switches (42%)
Checking all the taps in the house are turned off (18%)
Tidying up the bedroom so it is completely uncluttered (13%)
Saying a prayer (10%)
Remaking the bed before getting in it (9%)
Hiding keys and money (8%)
Making a list of worries and tasks (8%)
Putting the alarm clock on the opposite side of the room (7%)

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Head of Consumer PR

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