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Press releases


6th Apr 2011

Today, Travelodge announced it’s launching the UK’s first budget hotel management apprenticeship programme for school leavers. The new scheme titled JuMP (Junior Management Programme) is a fast track route into management and provides A -level students (18+) with a real alternative to going to university. On this programme school leavers can continue their education, obtain work experience, receive a salary and become a manager by the age of 21.

The bespoke JuMP scheme has been developed to support Travelodge’s aggressive growth strategy. In addition, to supporting the Chancellor’s appeal for British companies to generate more high value apprenticeship placements; in a bid to help the one million out of work youngsters into the workplace.

Travelodge is offering 500 management apprenticeships and is kick starting its search for its first 50 apprentices this summer.

Guy Parsons, Travelodge CEO commented: “Our nationwide JuMP programme offers school leavers an alternative career choice, to going to university. The fast track management programme provides a real job, with the opportunity of on the job training throughout the business, combined with further education and the opportunity to earn up to £30,000. In contrast to going to university and graduating with a debt of £43,224* and facing an over crowded jobs market.

The Prime Minister has earmarked UK tourism as one of the six strategic industries to drive economy recovery and my aim is to highlight to school leavers the huge potential of a career in hospitality. The budget hotel sector is the engine room of the hotel industry and Travelodge is the power brand of the UK hotel sector. Therefore the potential for today’s youth to revolutionise one of Britain’s powerhouse industries is phenomenal. I am hoping we will find our future business leaders from JuMP.

Travelodge is the UK’s fastest growing hotel brand and we have an aggressive growth target to have 1,100 hotels by 2025. To fuel this strategy, our JuMP programme will provide a pipeline of new management talent and I am aiming that forty fifty per cent of our new hotels will be managed by our Travelodge apprentices by 2015.”

Skills Minister John Hayes said: “Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to get the training they need to build successful careers, and for businesses to train a new generation of employees with the skills that drive growth. I applaud Travelodge for its commitment to apprenticeships; and with additional funding of £180m in this budget alone, this government is enabling more employers to follow its lead”.

In support of its JuMP scheme, Travelodge surveyed British youngsters aged 16 to 18 years old, to gain their views on going to university and apprenticeships. The key findings are listed below:

· (71%) of respondents are questioning the value of going to university due to the rising costs and the apparent lack of graduate jobs in the current market.

· (53%) of school leavers think it’s vital to have a degree to become a manager in a major UK company.

· (51%) of 16 – 18 year olds would not associate an apprenticeship scheme with a management job and 53% think it would not be possible to become a manager at the age of 21 without going to university.

· (53%) of 16 – 18 year olds stated they are worried about their future due to Government cut backs.

· (68%) of respondents stated working in the UK tourism industry is not an aspirational job

· Only 20% of 16 – 18 year olds thought the UK tourism industry is one of the country’s top performing industries.

· Respondents predicted if they went to university, the average debt they would have upon graduation is £21,884; which is well below the predicted figure of £43,224 by the Government.

Guy Parsons, Travelodge CEO said: “In response to our survey findings, it’s right that today’s youth should be concerned about their future. In today’s economic climate, going to university does not guarantee a job upon graduation. It’s also very concerning that school leavers don’t really know the cost of going to university and think its £22,000 when the reality is more than double this figure as stated by the Government. Also there is a lot of naivety around apprenticeship schemes and the UK tourism industry. Therefore, I am hopeful that our JuMP initiative will help dismiss these outdated, snobbish views and that today’s youth will see the potential of becoming a leader; in a powerhouse industry of the future.”

On the Travelodge JuMP scheme, apprentices will experience practical, vocational learning in hotel management, retail, operations, marketing and customer service. Apprentices will attain a L2 Apprenticeship in Multi Skilled Hospitality and a L3 Diploma (Advanced Apprenticeship) in hospitality Supervision & Leadership. Upon completing the apprenticeship programme apprentices will undertake the Travelodge in house 12 week management programme and then graduate to a management role.

A JuMP apprentice is expected to earn in total between £25,000 to £30,000 from training to graduation.

Interested candidates can express an interest to join the Travelodge JuMP scheme by emailing their details to

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