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On flexible rate bookings

save every stay

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Booker benefits

  • FREE to join
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Stay in control of company travel expenditure
  • 6 weeks interest free credit with our Business account card

Guest benefits

  • 560+ hotels in great locations for business
  • 40,000+ modernised rooms with comfy king size beds
  • 190+ Bar Cafes serving great value food and drink early til late
  • 400+ hotels with onsite parking

Save every stay

Join over 30,000 businesses that save with Travelodge on booking business accommodation. Receive exclusive member benefits if your company books 25 nights or more a year, saving time and money.

Our free Travelodge Business account card

The Travelodge Business account card gives you extra benefits

  • Up to 6 weeks interest free credit
  • Pre-pay for all expenses quickly and easily
  • Consolidated invoicing so less time spent on paperwork & expenses

Wake up refreshed</h4

Everything you need for a good night’s rest

  • Comfy king size beds designed exclusively by Sleepeezee in all rooms
  • 560+ hotels, wherever business takes you
  • 190+ licensed Bar Cafes serving great value food & drink early ’til late
  • Try our new SuperRooms™​ – the perfect choice with added comforts and a dedicated floor