Keep up your New Year’s Resolutions, and sign up for a marathon

As we finally start to leave the cold of the winter behind, many of us will be tempted to leave something else behind as well: our New Year’s Resolutions. But really, this is the time to test how far you’ve come, and to keep up the positive mental attitude.

Why not set yourself the ultimate personal challenge and sign up for a marathon? Whether you’ve got weight loss aspirations, or you just want an excuse to spend more time out in the fresh air, deciding to take on the serious physical challenge is something that no one regrets, (once it’s over, that is!). Check out our list of upcoming marathons to aim for and how to make the most of each of them:

Blackpool Marathon, 23rd April 2017

If you want to do this one, you better get your training skates on. But there’s no time like the present, and nowhere in the country like Blackpool. The fast and flat course is ideal for first-timers, as well as seasoned marathon runners looking to achieve a personal best. If you pick this one, take your partner, family or some friends, and make a weekend of it. Our Blackpool hotels are very reasonably priced, and there are tonnes of activities to do in the city whether it’s taking your kids to Pleasure Beach, having a night out on the town with your friends, or enjoying a romantic evening with your partner at the Winter Gardens Theatre.

Belfast City Marathon,1st May 2017

One of the most popular in the UK and Ireland, the Belfast Marathon is a great idea for anyone wanting to get caught up in the marathon spirit. As well as the conventional marathon, there is also a marathon walk, a relay, and a wheelchair event, so anyone and everyone can participate. Whether you’re super fit or not, you could always sign up with a group, as supporting each other through the challenge is one of the most rewarding experiences. The Belfast Marathon will take you on a proper tour of the city so you’ll see plenty, like when you’re running along the towpath back into Belfast. You’ll have all sorts to distract you from the pain in your thighs while you’re running! Stay in our Belfast hotel.

Isle of Wight Half Marathon, 20th August 2017

Ok, it’s only a half marathon. But what could be better than a summer trip to the Isle of Wight, and the opportunity to jog around the sunny little island? Book your Isle of Wight hotel in advance, as everyone loves to venture south for the summer. Then start preparing yourself for a lovely run. You’ll get to run along the coast for much of it, as well as through some of the countryside. Make sure you plan to stay a few days on the island, as there’s lots to see afterwards too. Visit Queen Victoria’s spectacular Osborne House, and take the family to Seaview Wildlife Encounter or Owl & Monkey Haven.