London’s North & South: Which One Are You?

There’s a passionate debate that rages in the pubs and workplaces of London: are you from the North or the South?

London is a city that’s big enough to feel like two distinctly different places, and locals understand that there’s a clear divide carved out by the river Thames. The side that you pick says a lot about you.

If you’re thinking of visiting the city then you need to pick a camp fast, so we’ve devised a handy guide to help you find your allegiance:

Spend a lot of time dashing about town?

Yes: Head up North

No: You could enjoy the South

There are an average of 12 Tube stations and 8 railway stations per borough in North London, compared to just 3 Tube stations and 13 train stations per borough in South London. If you’re looking for a location that puts the whole of the city within easy reach, then opt for a well-connected Northern location.

Our Travelodge in Kings Cross puts you right at the heart of the transport system with a host of Tube lines, trains and buses on your doorstep.

If you want to get out into the surrounding countryside, catch a gig at the O2 Centre, or you’ve got a local match to get to, then a newly refurbished South London Travelodge is for you.

Love spending time in the great outdoors?

Yes: Opt for the South

No: You’d be fine in the tightly packed North

A survey carried out by Findahood found that 34% of land in South London was made up of green spaces, compared to just 29% in North London. If you love getting out into the open air on a regular basis then opt for a leafy part of South London with our Travelodge Kew Bridge. Despite being a big city, outer areas of London in the South West have a surprisingly rural feel. Head to Kew Gardens to experience one of London’s best green spaces.

Love spontaneous nights out?

Yes: You’re a Northerner at heart

No: You behave like a Southerner

Research by the crowdsourcing app YPlan claimed that North Londoners are 90% more likely to make spontaneous plans than South Londoners, so head to the North if you want to hang out with locals who’ll be ready to party at a moment’s notice.

Nervous about visiting a big city?

Yes: Statistically safer in the South

No: Show your tough side in the North

In 2012 and 2013 North London reported almost twice as much crime per 1000 residents as South London. But whether you’re staying north or south of the Thames, remember your streetwise basics for a fun-but-safe stay:

1. don’t flash your valuables

2. keep your bags and mobiles in sight

3. know which areas you’re heading to and your transport options