Alton Towers is the Perfect Easter Holiday Destination

Is there anything better than the thrill of a theme park? The rides making your stomach do somersaults. The haunted house making you jump into the arms of a loved one. The food and drink threatening to return as you race from attraction to attraction.

The adrenaline rush, laughter and general pleasure we receive from what is essentially a lesson in what not to do to your body, may well be against every fibre and natural urge in our being, but that’s the fun right?

So this Easter, when you’ve got the kids running around with energy to burn, why not try one of the country’s biggest and best theme parks for a few days and stay in one of our comfortable and affordable hotels? With that in mind, here are three very good reasons why Alton Towers is the ideal destination this school holidays.

blurred carriages on a rollercoaster in motion

1. The rides

Where else would we start but the rides? The reason everyone goes to Alton Towers is for the speed, the height and the sheer scale of their rides This Easter is no different.

Don’t be fooled, The Smiler is no walk in the park but in fact the world’s first 14 loop roller-coaster (with some smiles thrown in of course!) Expect phases such as The Inoculater, The Tickler and The Giggler to get you holding on to the edge of your seat and laughing all the way.

And that’s not it either, you’ve also got the spooky TH13TEEN, the mind-blowing Air and Rita Queen of Speed to name but a few!

2. There’s something for everyone

It’s not all about heart in the mouth action, there really is something for everyone at Alton Towers this Easter. Try and keep dry on the Congo River Rapids, shiver your timbers in the park’s pirate-themed aquarium known as Sharkbait Reef and for the little ones, there’s CBeebies land, featuring Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory and Mr Bloom’s Allotments.

3. See it all at your leisure

Rather than racing around trying to cram everything in to one day, why not take some time out this Easter and get a great night’s sleep with our comfy king-size beds, with four fluffy pillows and a cosy duvet. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to go.¬†See our¬†hotels near Alton Towers

Then, whether there are queues for that one ride you really wanted to go on, the great British weather has its way and you don’t fancy wearing one of those ponchos, or you just want to turn your trip into a nice bit of quality family time, you can do all of the above, as and when suits it you and your loved ones.

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