How to Enjoy International Pillow Fight Day

There’s nothing like a good pillow fight to let off some steam. This year, why not have some fun by celebrating International Pillow Fight Day on the 5th of April. All over the world citizens will be picking up their pillows and taking to the streets for a fun-fest of feathers (or feather free Pillows – as is recommended by some cities!). The Urban Playground Movement wants International Pillow Fight Day to be a fun day, that is full of positive energy, helping to make the world a better, nice and friendlier place to live in. Giant pillow fights will be happening in cities all over the world, ranging from Casablanca to Saigon. Paris will be filled with clouds of white, as will Quebec, as adults and children battle it out in public spaces, with their pillows.

Britain will also be host to a fair few fights, here is our pick of the hottest cities organising fun fights on the day :

1. London

Stay in a Travelodge in London and join in one of the biggest Pillow Fights in the country, held in Trafalgar Square. The fight will commence at 3pm and is sure to be very busy. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés nearby to recuperate in after what is sure to be a very tiring but exhilarating fight.

2. Leeds

If you’re staying in Leeds then travel to Millennium Square at 2pm for a bonkers pillow fight out in the open air. Fancy dress is encouraged and a fun way to spend the day before is by decorating your pillow so that you stand out in the crowd.

3. Oxford

Stay in Oxford for a not so sleepy pillow party on Broad Street. The fight kicks off at 3pm and participants are welcome to dress up in their pyjamas. No excuses if you slept in!

4. Bournemouth

Stay in a Bournemouth Travelodge, for a seaside break with a twist and take part in International Pillow Fight Day on the 5th. The pillow fight will be held near the pier, at 1 Imax, at 3pm. Feathers are welcome at this pillow fight but make sure you are prepared to clean up afterwards.

The pillow fights should be completely safe but here are a few recommendations for a fun fight without any problems:

  • Choose a soft pillow and put a pillow case on any cheap pillows that may cause scratches.
  • Some pillow fights only allow feather free pillows because of the clean up. Make a considerate choice!
  • Don’t hit anyone too hard and tell anyone if you receive a particularly hard blow. They might not know.
  • Don’t hit anyone who isn’t participating or who has a camera.
  • Don’t wear glasses.
  • Smile and have fun!
  • Be prepared to clean up and take your pillow away with you.