3 Holidays That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

iStock_000019569682XSmallWho has broken their New Year’s Resolution already? Who never even started? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it, but believe it or not there are some people who actually manage to keep their self-promises for the entire year.

I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes a New Year’s Resolution is the start of something fantastic and a new chapter in your life. After all, New Year, new start and all that!

Some of the most commonly broken resolutions include losing weight and getting fit, quitting smoking and learning something new. But what there was a way that you could keep those resolutions?

Well wonder no more, here are three trips to help you keep the resolutions we love to make (and to break)…

Lose weight and get fit

It’s a common resolution, especially after a month of mince pies, work parties and enough booze to sink a battleship. But this festive overindulgence can be a thing of the past with a trip to the capital.

London is without doubt the fitness capital of the UK. There are loads of gyms, spas, treatments and running routes to get you fit in no time at all.

Also, with such a fantastic range of healthy food and drink options, whether it’s restaurants or juice bars, there’s no temptation to break your resolution. Stay in one of our London hotels and see how a healthy trip away can help you!

Quit smoking

Probably the hardest resolution to keep, it’s also the decision that you will benefit from the most. The health implications of smoking are well known, but it’s only by quitting smoking that you will realise just how much healthier (and better off) you really are.

Bath Spa is the perfect relaxing destination for someone who wants to quit smoking. A city that is a joy to explore and full of things to take your mind off cigarettes, where better to start your journey to a happier, healthier you?

Plus a trip to the Roman Baths will relax and help rid your body of the harmful toxins that you’ve built up through years of smoking. Check out our Bath hotels if you fancy a relaxing weekend and throw away those fags now.

Learn something new

Now this will of course depend on what exactly you want to learn, but here’s an idea to get you going, why not learn to surf? Cornwall is the perfect place to learn how to ride the waves. After a few initial wipeouts you’ll be up and on that board in no time.

Stay in one of our Newquay hotels, check in to the local surf school and don your wetsuit – this is one resolution you just have to stick to!