3 Of The Best Stargazing Locations In Britain

There is nothing quite like gazing up at a star-filled sky. Wrapping up and taking a trip to somewhere quiet to ponder the wonders of the universe is something that we’d all like to do more often.

Whether you know every constellation in the night sky or just like to gaze upwards in awe, it really is a fantastic experience. Some would argue that it’s impossible to see the stars in all their glory unless you’re camping out in the Australian outback or trekking through the Sahara Desert. With all of the light pollution in the UK, you might think the odds are against you. Luckily for us (and our bank balance) that isn’t the case – in fact there are plenty of places in the UK where stargazing is easy and affordable.

To prove it, here are three of the best stargazing locations in Britain:

The Sussex Downs

One of the less rural areas on the list there are some fantastic stargazing opportunities in the South Downs. You can visit the South Downs Planetarium to get a full view of the night sky but just wandering the hills and valleys at night will also offer some beautiful views.

Base yourself in our Hickstead hotel to be close to the action or enjoy the likes of Brighton and Lewes while making a weekend of it!

The Lake District

Renowned for its natural beauty and as a fantastic destination for a quiet domestic holiday, the Lake District also offers stunning vistas and the perfect view for stargazers.

Windermere and Keswick are wild enough for natural beauty while being warm and friendly places to stay. For the best stargazing the area has to offer, why not stay in one of our hotels in Cumbria? Our Cockermouth Travelodge is the perfect base for stargazers whatever your interest and there are some great local attractions for the whole family too.


Often reserved for summer holidays, Cornwall is a great place for stargazing due to its lack of light pollution and breathtaking scenery. Whether it’s the more lively Newquay or the quiet beauty of Truro, the coastline offers the perfect backdrop to a night’s star spotting.

Stay in one of our Cornwall hotels for the full effect, but if you want to be out in the country, our Bodmin Roche Travelodge offers seclusion and comfort. Who knows, you might even spot the Beast of Bodmin!

There are plenty of places in the UK to enjoy stargazing even if you live in the Big Smoke! Other locations worth mentioning are Perthshire, West Wales, North Norfolk and the Isles of Scilly, but why not try one of our top three? If it’s some quiet time you want with a loved one or your family, a bit of stargazing is the perfect antidote for our hectic lives. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off that telescope, pull on your gloves, fill up the thermos with hot chocolate and get gazing!

Kid looking at the stars with binoculars

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