5 Reasons to Visit Bath

Bath, EnglandBath is a beautiful city and a must visit for anybody wishing to have a short and interesting break in 2014. There are a number of Travelodge hotels to choose from, making your trip as comfy and easy as possible. Here are 5 reasons to visit Bath this year:

The Architecture

Bath is an elegant city showcasing some of the prettiest buildings in the UK. The Circus is a fine example of Georgian Architecture and features a circular space surrounded by curving Georgian houses. The Grade 1 listed buildings designed by John Wood were inspired by the Roman Colosseum in Rome. During the Blitz, The Circus was damaged, but it is now restored to its former glory.

Spa’s and Springs

Bath is a famous Spa town and has been frequented by people seeking health and beauty as far back as the Roman age, 2000 years ago. Bath is a world heritage site because of its thermal waters and today you can experience part of the baths as they were before. Embrace Bath’s history or take a well earned break and pamper yourself with modern treatments in state of the art facilities. It is also recommended to drink a glass of the water for health purposes.


Bath has long been a trendy town and boasts an amazing Fashion Museum complete with a full collection of clothing ranging from the 18th Century until today. In the 18th Century Bath was a fashionable place where the ‘it’ girls of the time would spend a season to find an eligible husband. The museum brings this glamorous world to life and of course, Bath still remains a place for glamorous events and parties today.


Bath boasts a tonne of beautiful shops ranging from individual boutiques to your favourite high street staples. Jolly’s House of Fraser is one of the oldest department stores in the country and the vast range of individual, one of a kind shops, make Bath a popular place for any lovers of unique buys. You kind find everything from boutiques selling only leather goods, silver products or even Medieval specialities.

Food and Drink 

Bath is famous for the traditional Sally Lunn Bun and no trip to Bath is complete without tucking in to this delicious treat. Sally Lunn’s is a historical eating house, home to the original Bath Bun. Sally Lunn’s has an extensive menu, pairing the bun with all sorts of sweet and savoury toppings. The coffee and walnut butter bun is divine. When you don’t feel like tucking in to a toasted bun then head to one of the many restaurants or cafés in Bath to enjoy food from all around the world. Bath is also home to some great farmers markets giving you a fun way to buy a range of local produce.

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