5 Reasons To Visit Cheddar Gorge

iStock_000006808668XSmallCheddar Gorge could quite possibly be the most underrated attraction in the UK.

Often forgotten when compared to the glitz and glamour of modern family attractions this is one of the original and best places for the whole tribe to enjoy.

Whether it’s the magnificent cave itself, learning about mankind during the Ice Age or soaking up the fantastic views on a cliff top walk – Cheddar Gorge has something to offer everyone, young and old, big and small!

And if that doesn’t convince you, not only have Travelodge got a number of great hotels near Cheddar Gorge, Autumn is actually the best time to visit one of the UK’s best natural beauties! So what are you waiting for? Here are five reasons to visit Cheddar Gorge:

The caves

Cheddar Gorge boasts two fantastic caves – Cox’s Cave and Gough’s Cave. Cox’s Cave is a multicoloured grotto filled with sculptures, fountains and mirrored pools – a true feast for the senses.

Gough’s Cave on the other hand is the UK’s most impressive collection of stalactites and the former home of Cheddar Man (more on him later.)

Both caves were in fact the inspiration for J.R.R Tolkien’s books and in particular Helm’s Deep. If it’s good enough for Gandalf…

The Crystal Quest

Embark on your very own Fairytale featuring dragons, demons and elves where you’re the hero and good always overcomes evil. A must-see attraction for the whole family and plenty of fun too!

Cheddar Man

No not someone with a particular penchant for cheese, but Britain’s oldest skeleton. Discovered in Gough’s Cave, the Museum of Prehistory uses their most famous resident to teach everyone about how our ancestors survived the Ice Age.

The whole family can try their hand at cave painting and fire-making to see if they would have made it during that harshest of periods. You will learn plenty along the way too. Scientific studies have suggested that there are at least three people still living in Cheddar that could be related to Cheddar man. Stay in one of our hotels near Cheddar Gorge and who knows – you might bump into one!

The cheese

No trip to Cheddar Gorge would be complete without trying some cheddar from the UK’s favourite cheese’s birthplace. Real cheddar is made right here with unpasteurised milk and then matured in cloth. In fact, if you want the real deal, it also has to be matured in Cheddar Gorge itself.

Gough’s Cave is still the place for this process to happen and therefore the perfect place to purchase the country’s first (and best) cheddar cheese!

The Cliff Top Gorge Walk

After all that cheese you might want to walk it off and where better than the Cliff Top Gorge Walk, a 3-mile walk that takes in the finest vistas across Somerset. It’s easy to forget all your worries as you wander the spectacular cliff tops.

Wildlife lovers will also be kept busy trying to spot a wide range of animals along the way, so it really is a walk that the whole family will love.

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