5 Things to Do in Canterbury

Ruins of  St.Augustines Abbey  with Canterbury Cathedral in the

For a great city break take a trip to Canterbury and stay in a local Travelodge for ease, comfort and great value for money!

Canterbury is full of history and packed with things to do but here are just 5 reasons for you to pay a visit:

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is home to the Archbishop of Canterbury (in charge on the Church of England) and is absolutely packed with history dating back to 597 AD when St Augustine travelled to the city.

In 1170 Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral and his remains still lie there today. In the middle ages Canterbury became a very famous site for pilgrimage and people travelled from all over to visit Becket’s grave. In fact, people still travel to Canterbury on religious pilgrimage today.

In the age of The Tudors Henry VIII destroyed the shrine and the monastery was dissolved by royal command. Today, the building still stands and is a beautiful and iconic British monument. The Cathedral contains over 1,200 metres of colourful stained glass telling religious and historical stories. The Cathedral is surrounded by a wall and you enter through a huge and ornate door in the middle of the city. Once inside you will be able to visit the crypt and the beautiful grounds and gardens. An adult ticket costs £9.50.

St Augustine’s Abbey

Canterbury is full of History and the Romans really left their mark. The St Augustine’s Abbey ruins are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Cathedral and St Martin’s Church, the oldest Church in Canterbury. These crumbling ruins mark an age gone by.

The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales is a fun tour for adults and children alike and takes the visitor on a magical tour through the world of Chaucer and his legendary literary work. The story starts in London with a bunch of pilgrims as they journey through the country, encountering all sorts of mischief and mayhem on their way to Canterbury. Be prepared to embrace all the sites and smells of the middle ages! Perhaps not for the faint hearted!

The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge

The Beaney is a newly restored museum and library holding fantastic exhibitions and events. From January to March the Beaney will be home to The National Gallery’s collection of Manet’s “Execution of Maxmillian” and frequently holds fun workshops, events and lectures. The Beaney also has a great permanent collection and is home to the fantastic Cabinet of Curiosities which includes weird and wonderful objects such as a two headed shark, a platypus and all types of fossils and stones.

The Kings Mile

If you have taken in enough culture for one day then head to The Kings Mile for a spot of shopping and a bite to eat in one of the many cute cafés lining the street. This area is in an arty part of town and is the perfect place to chill out and buy original gifts and treats for yourself. The Chocolate Café is a must for anybody with a sweet tooth.

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