A musical break in Bristol

You may not realise it, but Bristol is known all over Europe as one of the top music destinations. Most famous for its underground music scene, this melting pot of diversity is a hub for new musicians, artists and urban culture. Easily accessible from London and the rest of the UK, Bristol makes a great destination for a weekend away. So book yourself into one of our Bristol hotels, and start planning a trip. Here are a few different music scenes that the city plays host to:



The Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival takes place at the beginning of March and attracts some of the best jazz musicians in the world. Colston Hall gets taken over for the weekend, and there are 24 different concerts for you to attend. Don’t miss the free late night jam sessions, and panels with the musicians, too.



Bristol is known as the home of trip hop, and if you don’t know what that is, you should visit some of the clubs in the area, and experience the city’s unique vibe. Drum and bass is very popular too, and is often associated with the graffiti art scene, which is epitomized by the famous local artist Banksy. You can see his work on show all over the city, as well as in the local galleries.


Musical Theatre

Bristol is packed full of theatres, like the Old Vic, which is the oldest continually operating theatre in England. The Hippodrome is famous too, and hosts many West–End shows on tour. Both theatres are always showing musicals, and the Old Vic Theatre Company keeps the city stocked with the best musical theatre performers.



For most of March, the city will be playing host to the first Bristol Baroque Festival, so if you’re a fan of Bach or Handel, get yourself tickets to some of the events. Concerts range from choral to orchestral, and many will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3. But for the real experience, don’t listen over the radio – go and visit St. George’s church yourself.


Contemporary Indie and Pop

The O2 Academy in Bristol is a top venue for those who like smaller gigs with big bands. There’s nothing fancy about the place, but it’s always packed with students and rockers making the most of the cheap tickets to see the kind of bands who play at major festivals.



Ok, so you wouldn’t really go to a fashion show for the music. But Bristol Fashion Week, from 20th to 24th March is a whole package experience. As well as the conventional catwalk shows, they’ll be demonstrations, expert styling advice and the opportunity to get pampered yourself at the stands set up around the fashion tent. And as you watch all the latest trends parade down the catwalk, you can be sure there’ll be all the latest music blaring.

Bristol Music break

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