August Sports Round-up

Summer is spectator season, so if you’re a fan of your sports, there’s no better time to plan a trip around a match or a game. Wimbledon has set the UK off on a winning start to the sporting summer, so don’t miss out on the chance to witness more sporting history in the making at other events going on in August. Here are some of the sporting highlights coming up in August.


The Ashes

England’s stunning victories in the first and second tests are encouraging everyone to keep their fingers crossed that The Ashes will bring the country even more sporting pride. If you’re a fan of the cricket, or just love a sandwich in the sunshine, then head to Manchester for the beginning of August, Durham for the middle, and then back to London for the 21st-25th. Even if you don’t manage to get tickets, there’s nothing like watching the match in a local pub near the action, and joining in the party afterwards.


Ironman UK Triathlon

Many people decide that at some point in their life they want to take on the immense challenge of running a marathon. But, for a few, this isn’t enough. They want to go one step further by deciding to participate in an Ironman. The UK’s version of the event, which includes a whopping 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and then a marathon’s running tacked on the end, is happening in Bolton on Sunday 4th August. Whether you know someone participating or not, it’s a great place to witness some incredible feats of strength and endurance. Book a room in our Bolton Central River Street hotel to witness these steely sportsmen and sportswomen at work.


Rugby Challenge Cup Final

The Tetley’s Rugby Challenge Cup is one of a kind, accepting teams of any level into its competition. With community teams, students and the armed forces all competing against the prestigious big name teams, this is a competition that really seeds the best from the best! If you want to see them compete, then head to Wembley Stadium for 24th August to watch the final. Stay in our London Wembley hotel to make a weekend of it.


Football Premier League

The end of August sees the start of the new football season, so why not plan ahead and get yourself some tickets to see your favourite teams play? August will see Chelsea play Manchester United at Old Trafford, which promises to be a great game, so reserve a room in one of our Manchester hotels early.


World Youth Netball Championships

Netball doesn’t often get much time on the sporting world stage. But with thousands of girls up and down the country enjoying the game, why not book tickets to see the Youth Championships and find out what the sport is all about? Take your kids to see the best players battle it out on the netball court, and you can bet it will inspire them and encourage their sporting enthusiasm. Book a room in one of our Glasgow hotels for the weekend, and enjoy a mini-break to Scotland at the same time.



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