Beat the January Blues with a Girl’s Night In

iStock_000009135102XSmallJanuary is such a dull month, right? We’ve all over-spent and over-indulged during recent festivities leaving our bellies full but our bank accounts empty. Plus, January is officially the most depressed month of the entire year, so perhaps it’s time we broke the trend and treated ourselves to a spot of ‘me time’.

A girl’s night in is the perfect anecdote to the January Blues as there’s nothing better than a spot of pampering and gossip washed down with wine and nibbles. So say goodbye to boring nights in and depriving detoxes and go all out, I say!

To create your girl’s night in, all you need is a bunch of willing girlfriends, a cosy room with a TV, luxurious super-sized beds, a chick-friendly movie selection and a large bathroom. By booking a hotel room at one of the new look Travelodge’s (there are 100s across the UK now), you’ll benefit from all of this on tap.  Besides, this is ‘me time’ in style – you deserve to be waited on.

Add a collection of daring nail polishes, a generous pot of coconut oil, a variety of lipsticks and a few choice outfits and you’ve got your essentials for heavenly girl-time.

Coconut oil has 101 uses and it won’t break the bank either, making it the perfect purchase for January. Massage it into your cuticles, hands and feet and let it get to work overnight for touchably soft skin the next day.  Better still, ask your friends to massage it in (you go, I go), so you all get a spot of luxury.  For super-shiny locks the next day, massage the coconut oil into your scalp and through the lengths of your hair then wrap up in a warm towel for the ultimate deep-conditioning treatment. While that’s getting to work, paint each other’s nails in a shade you’ve never tried before or, with a group of others on-hand to help, why not give nail art a go?

Trying a new lipstick from your friends’ collections is a quick way to update your look plus having opinions on hand that you trust will give your confidence a boost. Swap clothes, strut your stuff and hold your own mini catwalk show – it’s amazing how listening to others viewpoints will help you to see yourself in a new light and possibly even find you a new look without costing a penny.

Finally, after all that hard work and gossiping, settle down to a classic chick flick such as Bridget Jones, Dirty Dancing or When Harry Met Sally and order room service while you’re at it. Bliss.

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Bethanie Lunn

Bethanie Lunn

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