Best Adventure Breaks In The UK

Sometimes, the best way to feel refreshed is to get your adrenaline pumping. Doing something active is also a great way to bond with the family, so why not beat the back to school blues by booking an adventure break? Here are some of the best destinations and activities to bring out your adventurous streak:


Coasteering in Cornwall

If you’ve got a daredevil in the family, they’ll love this activity, which involves some climbing, some swimming, and some big cliff jumps. The coast in Cornwall makes the perfect setting for coasteering with all its interesting rock formations and explorable coves and caves. Stay in our Newquay Seafront hotel for a base, and just make sure you take a second between energy bursts to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

Via Ferrata in the Lake District

If you thought the Lake District was all peaceful, flat lakes, and gentle countryside walks, think again. Via Ferrata is a series of steel ladders, high ropes, bridges and zip lines that cling precariously to the cliffs around the Honister Slate Mine. A day’s pass to the adventurer’s playground is enough to exhaust anyone. Book a room in our Cockermouth hotel to have somewhere to get some much needed rest at the end of it.

Bungee Jump in Middlesbrough

You hear of people bungee jumping into canyons in Australia or South Africa, but actually, to join in the thrill, you don’t even need to leave the UK. Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge is the only bridge you can jump off in the country, so book to stay in our Middlesbrough hotel for a holiday which includes a hair-raising leap.

Diving in The Orkneys

The UK might not have technicolour fish bobbing about beneath the waves, but it has plenty of shipwrecks to explore. Scuba-dive through the infamous Scapa Flow and you’ll see over a dozen First World War ships sunk to the bottom of the sea. While expert divers will find plenty of challenging diving to keep them on their toes, there’s also a PADI centre that will take novices straight out to some of the most exciting sites.

Walking into the light

Climbing at Mount Snowdon

While there are some routes up Snowdon that you can manage with nothing more technical than some good walking shoes, there are others that require ropes, a hard hat, and a guide. Adventurous groups should book one of these in advance because there is nothing like the reward of reaching the summit and knowing you managed the difficult route up. Our Porthmadog hotel is a great place from which to do the climb.

Kite-Surfing in Dorset

When it comes to watersports, you can’t get cooler than kite-surfing. The sport, which involves flying over waves and zipping along the sea, has really taken off in the last few years, particularly in many places in the UK. Portland Harbour is a kite-surfer’s paradise and as a result has multiple schools where you can learn to find your feet. Take your children to the south coast for a few lessons to earn yourself some serious cool points.


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