The Best Christmas Day Swims in the UK

iStock_000027429474XSmallHow your Christmas Day pans out can often depend on your age and of course your inclination to the festive season.

For some, Christmas Day starts with a small child bouncing up and down on their head shaking with excitement at the thought of what Santa’s left for them downstairs.

For others it starts with a different type of pounding – this time in the head, the type that is the aftermath of a rather messy Christmas Eve out, full of awkwardly talking to people you haven’t seen for a year and spilling cider on your Christmas jumper.

And then there are those up at 5am peeling potatoes and sprouts as they await the arrival of three generations of family full of Christmas cheer and chocolate.

But then there are the types of people that like to spend at least part of their Christmas Day in their trunks or a bikini. That’s right, those people who like to go for a dip while most of us are stuffing our faces or trying to dig out batteries from the back of the kitchen draw.

So if that person is you, or you fancy something a little different this Christmas Day, here are some of the best places to go for a swim on 25th December 2013.

Cheltenham Lido

The beautiful spa town of Cheltenham has a famous lido that harks back to the 1930s and is the location for a Christmas Day swim every year.

Starting at 11am, you must sign a disclaimer before entering (just in case) and then take the plunge into the icy water that is usually somewhere around the 7C mark.

It doesn’t cost a thing but there is a collection bucket for a local charity so your dip won’t go to waste! Check out our Cheltenham hotels if you need somewhere to stay after this watery ordeal.

White Christmas Dip

If you go down to Bournemouth on Christmas day, just to the right of Boscombe Pier you’re sure to see quite a sight. Last year, 150 people, many dressed up in all sorts of costumes, took a dip in the sea for charity.

In aid of Macmillan, entrants must raise a minimum of £5 to enter before they brave the waves on Christmas Day and this year the organisers are hoping to raise even more money.

Our hotels in Bournemouth offer the ideal place to take a hot shower and warm up before you go out to celebrate!

Hampstead Heath

More famous for its summer swimmers than those crazy enough to dive in on Christmas Day, this is a fantastic alternative to traditional festivities in London.

Pack your trunks or swimming costume, plus a decent towel and probably a few blankets and join the hundreds of other eccentrics this Christmas. Our London hotels even mean you can even stay over and hit the Boxing Day sales the next day!

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