The Best Craft Beer Destinations in the UK

Still Life with a keg of beer and draft beer by the glass. Isolated on a white.Gone are the days when a weak pint of mass-produced lager could cut it in our pubs of choice. While the pork scratchings are the same, what we order to accompany everyone’s favourite salty snack has turned into somewhat of an obsession.

Similar to the boom in budding wine connoisseurs in the 90s, craft beer and real ale enthusiasts are becoming more and more prevalent, and luckily for them, so are the establishments that take their beer very, very seriously.

So if you know your pilsner from your porter, your IPA from your APA, here are some of the best craft beer destinations this fair isle has to offer.

Craft Beer Co, London

If there’s one place that defines the craft beer boom it’s London. Every week there’s a new pub or brewery popping up, but the Craft Beer Co is one of the original and best.

There’s a whopping 37 beers on tap but then that’s nothing compared to the 150 different types of bottled beer from all round the world. Where else could you follow a beer from South Africa with one from Japan and finish off with a little something for the road from Denmark?

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Grove Inn, Huddersfield

The only pub in Huddersfield to become a Mecca for craft beer fans and an establishment that many will travel to from far and wide to sample their unique range of beers, the Grove Inn really is one of a kind.

An always changing 18 beers on tap, 20-odd extra kegs and 230 bottled beers means you won’t go thirsty. If you get sick of the beer (which is unlikely) there’s also over 100 different whiskies to sample.

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BrewDog, Aberdeen

Like the Sex Pistols of the brewery scene, BrewDog in Aberdeen offer anarchy (and excellent beer) in a bottle. They’ve produced a 32% beer, been expelled from the Great British Beer Festival and sell beers such as the ‘Libertine Black Ale’ and the ‘Dead Pony Club’ – so a visit certainly won’t be dull.

Despite opening bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Aberdeen outlet is the original and with 10 rotating ales, plenty of craft beers from all over the world and a punk spirit you went get anywhere else, it’s rock and roll in beer form.

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