A Guide To The Edinburgh Festival 2014

Edinburgh Fringe Street Performer

Edinburgh Festival is possibly the most exciting and groundbreaking arts festival in the world. Every year, thousands of plays, dance shows, comedy and street acts open in the city as part of an exhilarating yet exhausting month of performance. Edinburgh festival is an unmissable experience for all age groups and interests, but a little bit of forward thinking and a lot of planning will make your visit all the more enjoyable.

1. Make sure you have a comfy place to stay

Whether you plan on visiting for a couple of days or staying for the whole festival from the 1st to the 25th of August, finding somewhere to stay should be first on your list of things to do. Edinburgh gets completely saturated by participants and visitors at this time of year, in fact, the populartion of the city more than dobules, so hotels get booked up way in advance and prices sore. Staying in an Edinburgh Travelodge means you will always have somewhere good value to stay and will never be far away from the fun.

2. Plan how many shows you really want to see

Before you arrive it’s important to decide whether you want to see as much as possible or pick a couple of good shows a day to allow a little time for relaxation. The task of picking shows can be daunting as most shows are brand new and there are so many to choose from. Look out for theatre companies who have done highly acclaimed shows in the past, as well as picking a good selection of dance, music and comedy. This year’s festival highlights could be Alastair McDowell’s Captain Amazing, Ben Kidd’s Lippy and Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Light.

Top comedians such as Al Murray take to the stage as well as Edinburgh classics such as The Oxford Imps. Other shows to look out for include La Clique, an exhilarating circus show and Miann, by the Scottish Dance Theatre.

Beautiful view of the city of Edinburgh

3. Enjoy Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a stunning city with plenty of non-theatre related things to do. Visiting the Fringe is a perfect opportunity to get to know the breathtaking city. Places of interest include the wonderful Castle and the beautiful art museums. There are also many delicious places to eat and drink. A good way to spend your time is by getting into the Scottish spirit and taking part in a whisky tasting or a tasty Celidih dinner, which will normally include Whisky, Haggis and lots of dancing. For good quality and value meals head to Candy Bar on George Street. Sitting outside is very pleasant and all meals come in at under £5. Other dining options include a luxury lunch at the Missioni hotel or a good Scottish fish and chips from The Tailend.

4. Pack the essentials

Scotland in not famed for its fantastic weather, so remember to bring some waterproof clothing and an umbrella. Sun cream is also essential for patches of strong sunshine and a hat might not go amiss. Sometimes walking may be the best option for getting to the next show so make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes. There are lots of information points dotted around the city to help you get around and a map beats a smartphone due to the number of temporary venues.

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