Father’s Day 2014


Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to let your dad know just how much you care. Great gifts for dads are always complicated and picking out something your dad will love can be tricky, so why not give your father a really great day out to remember on the 15th of June instead?

1.Balloons Over Britain

For a really exciting experience why not take your dad on a hot air balloon ride and treat him to a view of the world from the sky. Balloons Over Britain fly hot air balloons from over 100 different destinations in the UK. The balloon ride is tranquil yet exhilarating and if you pick the right destination you will be able to see any landmark you wish or even your own home from above ground. Each flight is rounded off with a delicious champagne toast and you and your dad will be given a certificate to commemorate your achievement. If you don’t know when you’ll have the time to go, buy a voucher which is valid for a whole 12 months. If you fancy seeing a special patch of earth then stay in a nearby Travelodge to really cap off your day.


2. Father’s Day Sausage Making

For an unusual day out with a tasty outcome why not treat your dad to a sausage making course in Ipswich. Jamie Willows, otherwise knows as The Artisan Butcher, will be running the event and The Rose House Butchery and will be sharing his knowledge of all things sausage. During the course you and your dad will have the opportunity to learn about sausages, try different recipes and make your own sausages in your own delicious flavours, including learning how to join the sausages together in the traditional way. This unusual day out is perfect for the meat lover, the authentic cook and the novice alike. Tickets are just £35 pounds and include your handmade meaty treats.

3. Buxton Triathlon

Any athletes amongst you might want to try to persuade their fathers to take part in the Buxton Triathlon. Taking part in a sporting event together is a great way to bond and the beautiful landscape of The Peak District is the perfect destination for nature lovers. The triathlon welcomes beginners and starts with a 400m swim in Buxton pool before continuing with a 21km cycle through the hills of The Peak District and finishing with a 5km run, ending in the beautiful Pavilion Gardens. Buxton is a beautiful spa town and staying in this nearby Travelodge is a great option for tired limbs.


4. Bond In Motion

Both vehicle lovers and admirers of James Bond will love this exhibition at The London Film Museum, which showcases some of the coolest cars, boats, sleds and jets from James Bond. Located in Convent Garden, the James Bond exhibition showcases Bond’s best wheels including the Aston Martin DB5, Goldfinger’s mysterious Rolls-Royce Phantom III and the submersible Lotus Esprit S1. Many men have dreamed about owning a Bond car or plane and now they have a chance to finally experience them all. Tickets cost just £14.50 and there are plenty of LondonTravelodges close at hand.


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