Finding California in Cornwall

Cornwall is unlike anywhere else in the UK. In fact, there are even locals who speak their own language and who argue (light-heartedly) that the county ought to be its own country. If you’re looking for a break away, there’s no better place to enjoy the British summer than around the cliffs and beaches of Cornwall. Plan a break away to discover the following reasons why Cornwall is the California of the UK:



Not many people think of the UK as a surfer’s destination, unless they’re actually surfers, in which case they know that Cornwall has some of the best surfing in Europe. Stay in our Newquay Seafront Hotel and you’ll be within easy reach of great surfing at Fistral beach and Watergate Bay. There are also tons of surf schools, so even if you’ve never set foot on a surfboard before, Cornwall is the perfect place to test out the waves.



California is famous for its stunning coastline, and so is Cornwall. But Cornwall doesn’t just have one coast–it has two, and both the north and the south are full of unique wonders. The cliffs in the north offer some of the most breathtaking views over the Atlantic, and if you’re a walking fan, the coastal path along here is something you can’t miss! The south coast is full of cute little harbour towns and estuaries littered with charming boats. If you’re a sailor, stay in our St. Austell Hotel to enjoy the area around, including towns like Falmouth, St. Mawes and Fowey.


Family Fun

If the sea and the beach aren’t enough to keep you and the family amused, don’t worry–Cornwall’s got a whole lot more to offer too. Like California, it attracts a lot of family visitors, so has a wide variety of entertainment options, from zoos and nature centres like The Eden Project, to theme parks and arcades like the ones found in Newquay.



Anytime you visit a town on the coast, you expect seafood to be a regular on the menu. Like California, Cornwall has a particularly excellent fish-based cuisine. You’ll find some top of the range restaurants, but again, Cornwall and California are similar in that some of their best food is served to take away. California has food trucks; Cornwall has chippies. Visit Rick Stein’s takeaway in Padstow for some of the best battered fish around, or simply follow the locals to the nearby fish&chips where you might still get your portion wrapped in newspaper. Don’t miss out on trying a delicious Cornish pasty in any local bakery!



If you’ve been suffering from urban city stress, there’s no better place to revive yourself than in England’s southwest. Just like the Californians, the Cornish people are known for being easy-going and life-loving, so spending some time among West Country accents and the carefree attitude will start to rub off on you. Expect to chat with dog-walkers on the coastal path, and to get to know the owner of the local pasty shop. The kids are bound to become best buddies with everyone playing in the rock pools on the beach, and you’ll end up sharing drinks with new friends in the pub.



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