How to Get Party-ready in a Hurry!

party-kit.jpgThe festive season is here – can you believe it? If your invites list is as long as your arm but you’re already super-busy with only minutes to spare, these short cuts will help you get party-ready, fast!

Choose the right items

My wardrobe is full of materials that are easy to iron – or better still – need no ironing at all. I also choose clothes that flatter my shape and that I love (not just like), giving me plenty of interchangeable pieces that I feel confident in, so that each time I pick something out, it fits well and makes me feel good.

Prepare in advance

If you’re going to the party straight from work or are staying away from home for the night, choose your outfit the night before. As soon as you get to work or reach the hotel room, hang it in the bathroom, close the door and run the hot tap or shower. The steam will help the creases fall out in no time.

Create an SOS Kit

Keep a few key items in your desk draw at work or fill a wash bag with essentials that you always have ready-prepared for when you go away. Fill the bag with a bold lip gloss and a more neutral shade, a kohl eyeliner, a statement necklace, a pair of chandelier earrings, a chunky bracelet and an evening clutch bag. These pieces will give you an instant outfit-update via one simple change in accessories. Just don’t wear it all at once. To get the right balance, try on the jewellery that you want to wear and before you leave, remove one piece.

Instant Glamourisers

High heels are the sexiest way to vamp up an outfit, just carry a spare pair of flat shoes in your handbag for when your feet have had enough. You can buy flats that fold in half and fit inside even the smallest of clutch bags.

Red lipstick is a sure-fire way to stand out; it’s amazing how a lick of this bold shade instantly brightens your complexion and mood. Find a shade that suits your skin tone and remember to check your teeth for smudges before flashing a smile! A quick way to do that is to place your index finger in your mouth and slowly pull it out – this removes any excess from the inner part of your lips that could otherwise coat your pearly whites.

Quick Fixes

There’s no need to remove your foundation and start again, simply revive the product and your skin simultaneously with a spritz of facial mist. Next, dab concealer under your eyes to disguise any dark circles then line the upper and lower lashes with a black kohl pencil for smoky eyes in a hurry. Dust a highlighting powder over your cheekbones and across your décolletage to add an iridescent glow that makes you look ready to party in seconds (even if you feel the opposite).

If you have eyelash extensions applied in advance, you will cut out the need for mascara and always look glam on-the-go.

No time to wash your hair? Spray a dry shampoo through your hair instead for a textured look or pull your hair into a chic ponytail or chunky plait. Slightly “dirty” hair holds a style better anyway! If you have short hair, glamourise your tresses with a bejewelled hair slide or embellished Alice band.

Finally, if you are staying away from home for those parties, Travelodge has over 500 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Spain – centrally located hotels in major cities, airports and towns. Find your nearest here. What’s more, with the new makeovers under way, Travelodge is starting to look as glam as you will this party season.

Have fun!

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