Hogwarts in the Snow

Witch broomstick and hatFor a really magical Christmas day out, why not hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and transport yourself to a snow laden Hogwarts at The Warner Bros Studio Tour London.

Harry Potter has been everyone’s favourite story for over 10 years and a trip to Hogwarts is exciting for adults, children and teenagers alike. During the Christmas period, up until January the 12th, Hogwarts will be made even more magical by the addition of mountains of beautiful snow and Christmas themed events and decorations.

Hogwarts in the Snow

See the real Hogwarts castle transformed into an ice palace as the model is sprinkled with snow. Learn the tricks of the trade and touch the salt used to make the artificial white powder. Watch how members of the cast climb on top of the model to sprinkle the salt through a sieve (just like they did in the film)!

Visit The Great Hall

Now everybody can experience being a pupil at Hogwarts! Enter The Great Hall which will be adorned with Christmas trees and mistletoe galore! See the real props that were used in the films and feast your eyes upon the rows and rows of sumptuous Christmas edible delights.

See the Christmas Costumes

Giggle at the hand knitted jumpers that Ron Weasley always received for Christmas and see Harry Potter’s famous invisibility cloak – his first Christmas Present at Hogwarts!

Take a Trip to Diagon Alley

Fit in a spot of window shopping in Diagon Alley. The Westfield of the wizarding world will entice you with its magical atmosphere. Transport yourself to the world of Harry Potter and imagine yourself choosing your own wand.

The Big Room

Visit Dumbledore’s office, The Potion Room, The Burrow and see the Green Screen in action!  A wonderful filming device that allows an actor to be superimposed onto any landscape imaginable. Have a go flying on a broom stick and take away a souvenir that will prove you can fly!

The Backlot

If cars are your thing then you’ll love The Backlot. Gawp at the incredible triple decker bus and the seven versions of Hagrid’s motorbike then wash down your excitement with a pint of Butterbeer and a trip to Privet Drive!

Creature Effects

Amaze yourself with the freaky and fantastic. The Harry Potter series has showcased over 100 magical creatures that all needed to be created in the Warner Bros studio for filming. Fancy seeing Dobby up close?

The Art Department

View the secrets behind Harry Potter and see the sketches and models that were made at the start before they became a reality. Every little detail is accounted for, from the individual wands to the castle itself!

After a busy day you will also have an opportunity to buy exclusive gifts in the studio shop. A great place to buy Christmas presents!

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