International Pillow Fight Day 2013: All about the Land of Nod

This weekend sees Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park take on the guise of the best sleepover you’ve ever had – that’s right it’s World Pillow Fight Day!

With no angry parents to stop you, the only rule is that you have as much fun as possible pummelling strangers with pillows, as Saturday April 6th sees the London air fill with feathers (and laughter). International Pillow Fight Day is the perfect excuse to spend the weekend in London, so don’t miss out on these massive pillow fights and book a room in one of our London hotels. Check out our hotel in Marylebone (near Hyde Park) or our Covent Garden hotel (very close to Trafalgar Square).

Of course the most important part of a decent pillow fight (and a good night’s sleep for that matter) is a nice padded pillow to swing/rest your weary head on, which is why as part of Travelodge’s makeover, each of our new rooms will feature four plump pillows as standard.

international pillow fight day

But of course the pillow is just the start when it comes to getting a bit of shuteye, so whether you’re struggling for forty winks, nodding off, or counting sheep, here are four crazy facts about sleep!


1.      Pillow talk has turned to sleepy squabbling

Our studies show that five million British couples are losing 90 minutes of sleep a week by bickering under the covers. Lovebirds in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool are the biggest culprits; losing up to a whopping week’s sleep a year!

Among the most common causes for arguments between the sheets are pesky pets trying to get into bed, gorilla-like snoring, fidgety partners and of course the sneaky passing of wind just before we turn off the lights.

And with 26% of British couples arguing at least three times a week, a quarter of us are losing 90 minutes of valuable beauty sleep.


2.      Me, you and Teddy too

A Travelodge study has found that over a third of British adults still sleep with a teddy bear to help them nod off.

Out of the 6,000 Britons we asked, 35% said that a bear hug from teddy was all they needed to reach the land of nod, citing that their furry friend helps them de-stress after a hard day and aids a good night’s sleep.

Travelodge have had to reunite over 75,000 teddies with their owners as the bears are often left in our hotels, but it’s obvious from our research that it’s not just our younger guests that get a little forgetful after 40 winks. The survey also revealed that 25% of men asked, admitted to taking their teddy on business with them to cuddle in the place of their partner – charming!


3.      Adele top of the sleep charts

If you find it hard to Skyfall asleep and when you’re away you wish for the Hometown Glory of your own bed, then you’re not alone, but did you know that Adele can help?

Yes that’s right, Britain’s favourite songstress has topped a Travelodg’e sleep study as the most listened to artist when adults want to get a good night’s kip.

Over 2,000 Britons were asked and the Grammy-award winning singer came out as the ideal artist to relax and unwind to, with Coldplay and Snow Patrol coming in second and third.

So remember, next time you’re Rolling in the Deep recesses of your mattress, forget counting sheep – just stick on a bit of Adele.


4.      ‘Tis the season to be tired

Luckily, it’s a while away yet, but 45% of Britons lose a ‘Bah Humbug’ inducing 21 hours sleep in the run up to Christmas Day.

And it’s not the worry of coming down to a lump of coal in our stockings that’s keeping us awake either. Indeed, with 42% of women suffering nightmares about being attacked by a giant turkey, thoughts about smooching Santa and turning into a Christmas Pudding are the most likely things to keep us tossing and turning at night.

Don’t think the men get away with it either – 33% of them reckon they could do a better job of hosting Christmas than their partner (I’d like to see them say that to their face.)

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