January Breaks to Help Your New Year’s Resolution to Stay Fit

Goals 2014Every year we’re encouraged to make a New Year’s resolution – something to help us improve upon our daily lives. Whether it’s something simple like not eating as much chocolate, something more serious like quitting smoking or just doing something you’ve always wanted to do like learning to drive or play guitar – we all set them, but the sad truth is that not many of us keep them.

Don’t get me wrong, we set out on January 1st with the best intentions, all determined and with the will power of the Queen’s Guard, but after a few days doubts begin to creep in. ‘Oh just one piece of chocolate won’t hurt,’ you tell yourself. ‘Oh I’ll learn guitar next year, I’m too busy at the moment,’ you exclaim to your friends.

Let’s change that trend. In 2014, let’s all do our very best to make resolutions we can keep and have a good go at reaching our goals!

One popular resolution is to stay fit and it’s something we can all do in one way or another. So, here are some January getaways you can enjoy that will actually help you to keep your new fitness regime!

Get wet in Cornwall

Cornwall is beautiful whatever time of year but there’s a certain purity to the coast in January and it acts as the perfect detox after a festive period of overindulgence.

Long walks along the coastline offer great exercise and there are plenty of cosy pubs to visit on the way (well, you have to eat somewhere right?) But also, why not tick off two resolutions and stay fit while learning to surf or visiting smugglers’ caves in a kayak?

Check out our St Austell hotel for somewhere to take a well-earned rest after all that exercise.


The hills around Brighton were used for a stage of the Tour De France in 1994, so it’s the perfect destination for those of you that prefer life on two wheels.

Tackle the climbs and descents that so many professional cyclists did back in the 90s (and still do today) and see how you compare.

By staying in our Brighton hotel you can make a weekend of it and check out all the other things this seaside city has to offer for the fitness fanatic and beyond.


There’s almost too much to mention when it comes to fitness ideas in London, but needless to say, you’re spoilt for choice. Just by sightseeing on foot and avoiding the tube you can get some good exercise and see the real London many miss when they visit.

But also, the number of parks in the capital that offer fantastic walks and outdoor gyms or interval routes is astounding. We recommend looking for deer in Richmond Park for a real fitness buzz!

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