All You Need to Know about the 2014 Manchester Beer & Cider Festival

Beer FlightIn the depths of Winter a cosy pub or hotel often seems like the best place to be (other than your bed of course!) And when that pub offers a fantastic range of beer and cider – all the better.

A packet of pork scratchings, a roaring fire, a nice pint and good company is all you need when the wind is howling or the rain his hammering down outside.

But what if we could offer you somewhere with over 300 of the finest cask conditioned ales, 75 time-honoured ciders and perries and a vast array of bottled ales and foreign beers?

Well that’s exactly what awaits you if you visit the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival in 2014! Get your hotel booked, make a check-list of all those beers you want to try and check out what you can expect at this alcoholic extravaganza.

Not only is the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival a fantastic event for anyone who loves a tipple, it also takes place in what is certainly one of the most iconic buildings in Manchester, in fact quite possibly the UK – The National Cycling Centre.

With beers being served inside the Velodrome you can expect to soak up some of the atmosphere that our Olympic cyclists enjoy while training, and even see a few of them on the day!

Taking place from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th January, this is the first Manchester Beer Festival since the heyday of the Upper Campfield Market way back in the 90s and a welcome return to form for a city renowned for excellent breweries.

There are a whopping 16 bars located in the centre of the cycling track which you can reach through a tunnel which runs underneath the Velodrome. You can then wander the concourse where there’s plenty of seating and a number of delicious food vendors to soak up all that lovely ale and cider!

As far as ales go, there will be a wide selection (not just Winter offerings) including Bitters, Stouts, Milds, Porters and more modern offerings such as IPAs and fruity beers bursting with flavour.

The festival will also be showcasing some of the best local micro-breweries around and offering a number of newcomers the chance to show off their great range of beers.

There are also foreign beers from America, Belgium, Germany and Holland plus a wide range of ciders and perries. Naturally you’ll need somewhere to sleep this all off so if you are looking to make a weekend of it, why not take a look at our Manchester hotel and see what else the city has to offer?

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