Scariest Haunted Places in the UK

Halloween is a burgeoning celebration in the UK. What was once the preserve of our friends across the pond and a small number of Brits celebrating ‘Hallows Eve’,  has turned into a tour de force of spooky splendour.

What’s more, it’s in the UK where you find some of the scariest locations. From haunted houses to paranormal pubs, this little island has lashings of ghostly goings-on.

And this Monday October 31st will see people young and old looking to celebrate Halloween with some eerie events around the country. So where better to visit on this frightful date than some of the most haunted places in Britain? Take a look at our list below and remember to book into your local Travelodge to ensure you don’t suffer sleepless nights this Halloween!

1. Petrifying Pluckley

Many people believe Pluckley, in Kent, is the most haunted village in Britain. And they’ve got good reason to. Fright Corner is where one highwayman held up his last carriage – he was murdered with a spear. While the Screaming Woods is, as it sounds, a great place to hear the cries of former residents at night.

You’ll encounter plenty of other ghost hunters while you’re there, but book a room in our Ashford Travelodge to ensure a good night’s rest.

2. Tower of London Terrors

The capital has its fair share of scary goings-on (and we’re not just talking about the prices), but the Tower of London is notoriously the spookiest of them all. With kings, queens and lesser victims meeting their demise within those stone walls, it’s easy to wander the halls and imagine the various beheadings and imprisonments all those years ago. You may even catch the scent of perfume that the mysterious White Lady reputedly trails behind her.

3. North London Tombstones

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You’ll find Highgate Cemetery (resting place of the great and the infamous including Karl Marx) in North London. Visit the East Cemetery on the 1st November for a candle-lighting late opening for All Saints’ Evening.

4. Eerie Avebury

Avebury Henge in mist

Venture into the ancient Stone Circle of Avebury and you’ll come upon one of those haunted pubs we mentioned earlier. The Red Lion’s creaks may be due to more than its age; at 400 years old, this building is bound to have some spirits roaming about. If you’re not prone to seeing ghosts, you’ll want to visit the old inn just for the setting. And if you are, just spend the night in our Devizes hotel in Wiltshire.

5. Edinburgh’s ‘Creepy’ Castle

If a headless drummer, phantom piper and ghostly dog sound like your idea fun, then Edinburgh Castle is the perfect Halloween destination for you. One of Scotland’s most haunted places, the castle was home to 240 volunteers equipped with night-vision goggles and digital cameras for the night in 2001.

Over half of them reported spooky experiences, including something tugging at their clothing and severe drops in temperature.

If you fancy doing a bit of ghost hunting yourself, our hotels in Edinburgh are the perfect place to get some rest after the event. With not a glimpse of a poltergeist or a sniff of paranormal activity.