Britain’s Secret Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants

Pretty retro Caucasian women gossiping over coffee in kitchenAny nightlife lovers will find it easy to stay in the know with big clubs, bars and restaurants in Britain. However, the UK is also home to a few select and seductive spots that are a little more secretive. Normally preserved as exclusive destinations for the rich and famous, those in the know, with a bit of luck, will be able to gain access to one of these secret dens of iniquity. Armed with our guide, a pair of heels and a perfect blow dry, get ready to have the time of your life!

The Box, London

The Box in Soho is a deliciously dark and decadent nightclub, hidden in the depths of Walker Court. Home to the Theatre of Varieties, a devastatingly daring cabaret, The Box is a place to realise you deepest, darkest fantasies and really let your hair down. Celebrities grace the floors every night and the drink of choice is definitely champagne. Whilst sparkling bottles are carried in by scantily clad beauties, fabulous freaks will entertain you with virtual physical impossibilities. Tables can be reserved for an extortionate amount but if you look the part and are willing to wait you might just be in luck. Always have a back-up plan. If you do get in, and you really are in with a chance, you will have one of the most memorable (if you can remember it in the morning) nights of your life. Stay at a nearby Travelodge to ensure you have no problem in getting home, that is, if you ever want to leave!

La Bodega Negra, London

La Bodega Negra, also in Soho, is a secret restaurant, serving fantastic Mexican street and beach food. Ignore the street level café and head to the underground Restaurant which is situated on Old Compton Street. Serving gorgeous dishes, favourites include the Ceviche seafood dishes, the Potato Mole and of course, the vast range of tequila! Entering through a seedy sex shop, you may feel a bit nervous, but after descending a staircase you will enter a candlelit den, bustling with cocktail drinkers and diners. A reservation is a must and make sure you ask for a table in the downstairs restaurant when you call.

Dusk Till Pawn, Manchester

Dusk Till Pawn, is a secret bar in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. From outside, you could mistake it for a traditional pawn shop, but the neon lights, wielding Tarantinoesque slogans might just give it away. This bar is definitely fitting for lovers of Rock n Roll. Vintage guitars don the walls and the free jukebox blares out the music of your choice. Cocktails start at a tantalizing £4.50 and a changing menu of delicious specials will help you get in the mood . Staying in Manchester is a great way to let of some steam!

Pepper, Edinburgh

Pepper in Edinburgh, is a secret cocktail bar, hidden under the streets of the city. Nestled under the trendy restaurant Steak, Pepper is a great place for an exclusive tipple after a meat feast. The décor is sleek and attractive, fitted with stainless steel, red leather and twinkling candles, Pepper is definitely a bar for the beautiful people to let their hair down. Stay in a Travelodge, so you don’t have far to go to a nice warm bed!

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