See the Six Nations from the stadium, not the sofa

Six Nations

Nothing brings a nation together like competing against another one. So if you’re missing the patriotic spirit of the Olympics, don’t worry – the Six Nations have got you covered. You’ve probably been watching the games so far from the comfort of your sofa, but there really isn’t anything like the atmosphere live. So why not stop shouting and the TV, and take the opportunity to get out and see a bit of the UK?


If you call yourself a rugby fan and you haven’t been to Twickenham, shame on you. The stadium seats 82,000 and is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world. Last minute tickets are still to be found for most of the games, and you’ll be completely caught up in the rugby hype if you get yourself a couple. Best of all, the stadium is only a hop and a skip from central London, so you can pair an afternoon watching the match, with a nice meal out, or a trip to the theatre. Find yourself a room at one of our London hotels, and you can even make a weekend mini-break of it.


The Welsh are renowned for the enthusiasm with which they support their rugby teams, so if you’re really looking to get stuck into the rugby world, you should get planning a trip to Cardiff. The Millennium Stadium is quite a sight, especially when it’s full of crazy Welshmen painted in green and red. The stadium is actually right in central Cardiff as well, so you can’t go without seeing a bit of the city. Cardiff Castle is less than a mile away, and a visit is a must if you’re with kids or you’re into history. The Wales Millennium Centre is just around the corner too, and you can see all sorts of shows or art exhibitions there. If you’re dragging someone who is not such a sports nut to the game, why not offer to do something cultural with them in exchange? You don’t actually have to admit that you loved watching Phantom of the Opera…


If you’re looking to make a real trip of a rugby game, a short break to Edinburgh is a great idea. Murrayfield stadium is a favourite of many a rugby fan, whether or not the weather behaves. It’s easy to get to from central Edinburgh, so if you book one of our Edinburgh hotels, you’ll be in prime position for joining the rugby crowd. Once you’ve watched the game, the stadium is just next to Edinburgh Zoo, which is known as one of the country’s best zoos. Stop in to say hi to the UK’s only resident giant pandas, or visit the Murrayfield Ice Rink in case you haven’t frozen yourself enough in your stadium seats. Edinburgh itself is full of historical sites for exploring, and pubs for eating haggis, drinking scotch, and laughing at the men in skirts.

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