The Capital Ring Route

It’s not too late to make the most of the summer weather and enjoy the outdoors. If you’re looking for a way to get out and see some of the country’s best green spaces, you needn’t look far afield. In fact, you can combine some great nature walks with a trip to London, where you’ll find the Capital Ring Route. Book a room in one of our London hotels for the chance to explore the city while keeping active.


What is it?

The Capital Ring Route is a 78 mile loop around the suburbs of London, which passes through some of London’s best parks and outdoor spaces. It is divided into 15 easy to walk chunks and many people set themselves the challenge of completing all sections of the circuit over a set period of time.


Where does it go?

The ring surrounds the whole of the city, and winds its way through some beautiful parks in the suburbs including The Great North Wood, Wimbledon Common, and Richmond Park. It also follows the Thames for a stretch, as well as the Grand Union Canal.


What are the highlights?

The ring passes over 50 tourist attractions, but particular highlights include the stunning, Art Deco Eltham Palace, Crystal Palace, Abney Park Cemetery, Kew Gardens and many more. There’s also the chance to get a good look at the Thames Barrier, and to see plenty of wildlife in the many nature reserves such as Brent Reservoir.


What should you bring?

Since so much of the ring passes through green spaces, it’s a good idea to have walking boots, or at least sensible footwear. Packing sandwiches is a great idea too, as there are some excellent picnic spots along the way. You may want to visit some of the ticketed sites, so keep a little bit of cash in our pocket. Most importantly of all – don’t forget to bring the camera.


How do you find it?

The route is well signed with lots of direction markings and posts featuring the route logo which includes a picture of Big Ben in blue. If you’re still worried you can also download audioguides, leaflets and maps from the Walk London website.


What do you do when you’ve finished it?

Once you’ve completed all 15 sections and made it around the entire loop you can apply to get your certificate from the Capital Ring Route organisation, giving something to boast about, as well as proof that you really did it.


Walking into the light

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