Top 5 Reasons to Love the UK

Child's hands hold red paper heart against UK Flag.

Boasting is very un-British. But sometimes, you just have to be proud of your country and all the wonderful things that have developed from it. We might complain about the rain, or the taxes, or the job market, but really, underneath it all, we’d probably have to admit that good old Blighty is pretty great. Here are the top 5 reasons to be proud to wave a Union Jack:


The Food

Ok, so the rest of the world may make fun of our cuisine (or lack thereof). But clearly that just means they’ve never experienced the best of what we Brits can produce. From cream teas to Pimm’s, to hearty farm food, to fish and chips, to Sunday roasts, and even some cracking curries, there is so much on offer in our culinary country. If you’ve not tasted enough of it, look out for the many food festivals touring the country this autumn. They’re a great place to try new things and get a better understanding the of the British plate.


The Scenery

We may be a relatively small country, but we have so much to see! Whether it’s the craggy peaks of the north or the sunny beaches of the south, the rolling hills of the countryside or the quaint little towns dotted all over the place, there are a hundred and one places to take photos worthy of a postcard in the UK.


The Culture

There are very few places in the world that combine history and modernity as well as the UK. Great ancient buildings are transformed into functional modern spaces, historic transport routes are preserved with new technology, and everyone appreciates the country’s traditions along with its position as one of the leading powers of the future. The arts thrive in the UK, as well as technological development, which is all topped off with the country’s great sense of how to have a good time.


The Quirks

The combination of an epic history and a wicked sense of irony has left the UK with a wonderful quirkiness. Where else would you find a sporting event that involves chasing a wheel of cheese down a hill, a pub 107 miles from the nearest town with no road access, and a railway station with the name Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?


The People

So we’re grumpy, we get ridiculously heated about football matches, and we spend far too much time talking about the weather. But book yourself a short break away somewhere in the UK, ask some locals for advice, and you’ll find what makes us really special. Community spirit and national pride are at an all time high after a brilliant twelve months which have included the Olympics, the best Wimbledon for Britain in decades, the birth of a new Prince and so much more. Get out and about to meet some more of your fellow countrymen at events all over our beautiful lands and you’re sure to find yourself proud to be British.

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