What I Learned From My First Festival

V Festival Stage 4

Stage 4. Photo © Being Ashleigh

Some of us are still utter newbies to the whole festival fiasco, which is fine; we all have to start somewhere! V-Festival this year will be the second (and biggest) festival I have ever been to, so I still consider myself a newbie… and a very excited one!

I thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of 5 Tips for First Time Festival Goers. That way, you should be able to survive the whole weekend (or the one day!) and return home safe and sound.

If you’re not camping at V-Festival Chelmsford, there’s a Travelodge hotel less than 3 miles away on Parkway.

Campers at V Festival

Tentland. Photo © Being Ashleigh

1. Be aware

One of the most important things whilst at a festival is to be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on the people around you and be especially aware of thieves and drug and drink misuse. Nobody wants to end up minus their wallet or mobile…

2. Prepare for UK weather

It’s no secret that the weather in the UK is extremely unpredictable. One week we can have an uncomfortable heatwave and the next it’s pouring down with rain.

I will be heading over to V-Festival in a light denim dress, floral headband (like everyone else, but you just have to, right?) and Converse.

However, I’ll also be taking some wellies with me, a cosy jumper in case it gets chilly, and a hat to protect my head from the sun if there is any!

Classic festival-goer wear

Denim and headbands. Photo © Being Ashleigh

3) Record memories so you never forget

Being a photographer and blogger, it’s no surprise that I will be doing this anyway. I recommend taking a small compact camera that isn’t of great value, just in case you lose or damage it.

I also really recommend taking disposable cameras. These are great because the magic with film is not knowing what imagery you have until you get the film developed. What’s more, the cost is low if you lose them.

On the more expensive end, a GoPro camera would be an excellent choice too, and they are waterproof!

4) Pack only your essentials

You don’t need to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

Remember this or you will be bogged down with so many bags and stuff you don’t need!

Nip+Fab face wipes

Cleansing pads. Photo © Being Ashleigh

You can pick up mini sizes of just about everything in supermarkets these days. A few essential things to remember are: baby wipes, face pads to cleanse your face, dry shampoo, a portable phone charger, antibacterial hand gel, ear plugs, a cosy sleeping bag and a warm blanket.

Bin bags are also ideal for everything; from keeping your clothes in to sitting on top of if the grass is wet!

5) Plan your day

This is the most important thing for me because I always end up winging things and usually always end up missing out on something in the long run.

I shall be setting reminders on my phone when certain acts are due to come on, making sure to allow myself 10-15 minutes to get there.

Remember this is important in case of crowds, and you also want to make sure to get a good spot!