Where to Celebrate Burns Night in Scotland

The poet Robert Burns wrote hugely popular works including Auld Lang Syne, but he was only 37 when he died. The tradition of Burns Night began shortly after the poet’s death, when a group of his friends began gathering annually in his memory.

These days, Burns Night suppers are popular across the UK and are gaining popularity in England. But to get into the true spirit of the event, nothing beats a trip to Scotland for the 25th January.

1. Edinburgh

Burns visited the beautiful city of Edinburgh on several occasions and he had many friends there.  The Balmoral Hotel hosts an ever-popular full-dress supper that includes traditional storytelling, while the Whiski Rooms on North Bank Street host a more rough-and-ready event with bagpipes and rowdy singing. If you’re in the mood for dancing, head to the cosy Counting House to take part in a Burns Night Ceilidh. Book a room in one of our Edinburgh Central hotels now to be close to all the action.

2. Aberdeen

Toast the haggis with whisky

At the Mary Culter there’ll be a special Burns Night dinner on Saturday the 29th of January. It includes four traditional courses, along with a piper, a speaker to announce the toasts and a live ceilidh band. Make sure you have a cosy bed close by in our Aberdeen Central hotel.

3. Glasgow

Glasgow is a hub for Burns Night activity and there’s a fine stock of events to choose from. The Corinthian Club has a special Burns Night menu that runs through 25 January, or you can go for their Whisky Experience menu to try the local tipple.

Looking for something a little less traditional? Why not try a haggis pizza along with a local Scottish beer at the Republic Bier Halle on Argyle Street. If you’ve over indulged, don’t worry, just stay at our Glasgow Central Travelodge to rest and recuperate.