Visiting Valencia during during ‘Las Fallas’

Las Fallas, Valencia, SpainWondering what a fallas is? Think Fireworks Night gone hyper! You’ll never come across anything as spectacular and they’re unique to Valencia in March. If you needed an excuse to visit vibrant Valencia, why not book yourself into our Valencia hotel and head off to discover these amazing spectacles for yourself? The fallas (or falles) are a celebration to welcome the spring and rid the city of bad luck and the Valencianos do this as only they know how – with one hell of a party!

It feels like the entire month of March is one huge celebration in Valencia. To kick off proceedings massive figures (Ninots) are built in every neighbourhood in the run up to March. These are often of whatever famous figure has captured the imagination of the locals that year – it could be a pop star, politician or an actor, no one escapes being the subject of these satirical figures! Placed on a float and wheeled through the streets amid much celebration, the Ninots are set alight when they reach their final destination. One Ninot does manage to escape its fiery grave, however, as one Ninot per falla is ‘pardoned’ and is taken to the Fallas Museum where it’s exhibited with others from previous years. The museum is a great place to visit during the fallas as you’ll be able to see these huge and impressive figures up close and find out a little more about the celebrations themselves.

The schedule of the fallas for 2014 is:


At 2pm between the 1st and 19th of March in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento you’ll see, and certainly wont fail to hear, a display of the mascleta, or gunpowder explosions. After the mascleta, the streets of the city are filled with people, all enjoying an aperitif and some delicious Valencian food.

La Planta

The night of the 15th sees the men and women who built the Ninots come together to assemble them, working through the night so they’re ready for the morning of the 16th.

Prize Giving Ceremony

On the morning of the 17th the judges visit the city’s 750 Ninots before a prize giving ceremony takes place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Fireworks and the Nit del Foc

Every night between the 15th and 18th of March there are huge fireworks displays, the most amazing of which is the Nit del Foc., translated as the Night of Fire.

Ofrenda de Flores

A parade through the city to the Plaza de la Virgin takes place on the 17th and 18th, where flowers are taken to Our Lady of the Forsaken, the Patron Saint of the city. Once all the flowers are in place a huge 15 metre high tapestry is formed on the basilica and a cloak is made for the Virgin. It’s an amazing sight to witness.

La Crema

Also known as the burning, this is where all the sculptures go up in flames. Starting at 10pm with the children’s sculptures, then the larger ones two hours later, before a fireworks display and the last falla in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento being burned at 1am.

It seems like the whole of Valencia comes out to join in the celebrations, so why not join in for a completely unique holiday experience? The atmosphere is buzzing and there’s so much going on throughout the city you’d be mad to miss it.