Britain’s breakfast boom

Going out for brekkie boom hits Britain – As Britons spend £13 billion on dining out for breakfast. Britons’ breakfast choices highlight a big north VS south taste divide.

Going out for Brekkie has fast become a key part of our lifestyle as over half (55%) of British adults are dining out for breakfast at least twice a month, whilst  a quarter of us (20%) go out for breakfast every week.

With the average spend of dining out for breakfast being £10.65 per visit, this equates to an annual spend of £13 billion. These findings have been revealed in a new consumer study out today by Travelodge.

The hotel chain surveyed 3,000 Britons to investigate the nation’s breakfast habits in support of its new unlimited breakfast menu which has been launched across the company’s 150 hotel restaurants nationwide.

Other key findings from the report revealed that 77% of adults stated that dining out for breakfast utilises their social time more effectively and as a result, they can see family and friends more frequently.

A third (33%) of respondents reported that dining out for breakfast is a lot more relaxing than meeting family and friends for dinner.

Over half (53%)of  Britons also reported that going out for breakfast is better value than dining out for dinner – making it more affordable to treat family and friends on special occasions such as birthdays.

Over a third (35%) of adults stated that they meet their family and friends for a birthday breakfast rather than going out for dinner nowadays.

Other key findings from the study revealed that for 84% of British adults, breakfast is their most important meal of the day.


The study also revealed as you travel across the map of Britain, nowhere is the North v South divide more evident than in our choice of what we eat for breakfast.

Scots kick start their working day with stacks of doorstep toast with scrambled eggs. For Geordies, it’s a sausage stottie with lashings of brown sauce. Yorkshire-folk have the full Monty (full English breakfast), whilst it’s a sizzling bacon bap coated with ketchup for Scousers and Mancunians – who differ on many things but not when it comes to their breakfast.

However as you move down south, daily breakfast choices change as Bristolians prefer a fresh healthy fruit salad. It’s a bowl of porridge for Londoners and a bowl of corn flakes for Sotonians.

In summary, the north of Britain likes to start their day with traditional meat based breakfast dishes; the south of Britain prefers a lighter option such as fresh fruit, porridge and a bowl of cereal.

A traditional bowl of crunchy cornflakes with lots cold milk is the top breakfast choice for Brightoners, whilst the Welsh start their day with a bowl of Weetabix. Leicesterites and Nottinghamians are grr-eat fans of Frosties, and Norfolkers are mad for muesli.

Interestingly, Brummies prefer to start their day with just a strong cup of coffee.

Across the UK, the average person eats breakfast at 07:25am. Over half of Britons at 57% eat breakfast at home whilst a fifth (20%) of adults eat their most important meal of the day at work and 15% eat en-route to work.

Over half (53%) of British adults reported within the study that they rely on a  cup of coffee to help wake up them up in the morning ahead of tea (31%) and fruit juice (10%).

Over half of Britons at 51% say having a full English breakfast is a special treat.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman, said:

“We are living in a breakfast boom. More Britons go out for breakfast now than ever before. It’s become a key part of our modern lifestyle and it has gained the same status as dining out for dinner.   Across our restaurants, we are seeing more business meetings and social gatherings taking place at the start of the day over a hearty breakfast.”

“Briton’s breakfast choices are very diverse and it is interesting to see such a North v South divide. Our own customers are telling us they value variety through a choice of great coffees, healthier options, as well as the traditional full cooked breakfast. Therefore we have created a new upgraded breakfast menu which is in touch with the needs of modern travellers who are looking for quality, choice and value in their breakfast experience.”