Places to visit to get a good night’s sleep

If you’re struggling to get some shut-eye and counting sheep just won’t cut it, why not take a peek at our list of sleepy places to visit in the UK to help send you off to the land of nod?

Seaside snoring
There’s nothing more soothing than the gentle lapping of waves against the sea shore and the freedom of a leisurely wander on the beach. From Brighton to Colwyn Bay a break in a coastal location is the perfect way to wind down and get some great quality sleep when the night draws in. With plenty of hotels in popular seaside spots to choose from, your next restful escape is just around the corner.

Dash and doze
Exercise is great for helping you get to sleep in the evenings, but you don’t have to be taking part to appreciate the exceptional lengths that athletes go to for their sport. Thousands of runners will take to the streets of Sterling and Llanelli for their respective annual marathons this month, meaning that participants, families and couch-potatoes alike will share the sleep-inducing sensation of these fast and furious events.

Rest and relaxation
Some things just go hand in hand with recharging your batteries and a spa weekend is definitely one of them. Bath, Leamington Spa and Harrogate are all historic spa towns offering relaxing treatments for you to try. From Roman and Turkish baths with medicinal properties to Japanese healing and reflexology, this much-needed dose of pampering will see you reap the rewards later in the day, with hours of delightful dozing in a comfy king size Travelodge Dreamer™ bed.

What’s in a name?
What could inspire you to get your forty winks more than a place with a sleepy name? In the UK we have the villages of Great Snoring and Little Snoring in Norfolk and the Land of Nod (believe it or not!) in East Riding, Yorkshire. Though the origins of these names are not directly related to snoozing, you can rest assured that a visit to each one of these rural locations will have you feeling chilled out.

To sleep or not to sleep
A great night’s sleep is an essential aspect of recovering after a busy day of exploring a new place. As Shakespeare once wrote: “O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature’s soft nurse”[sic], and a trip to the great writer’s birthplace could provide the perfect pre-slumber activity. The tranquil spots of Stratford Butterfly Farm and the Church of the Holy Trinity are sure settle you down, while a gentle meander downriver on your very own boat will be similarly soothing.