10 things to do in the UK this autumn

The season of autumn brings many fun activities for the whole family. With red, yellow and orange hues making their way across the UK, and the fast approach of the much-loved spooky season, the fun is here to stay!

From conker collecting to pumpkin carving, we have lined up 10 fun things to do in the UK this autumn.

1. Solve the maize maze

Autumn maze

What better way to spend your afternoon than wandering around a field full of wheat and maize trying to solve puzzles? Well, that is exactly the type of activity perfect for autumn time. The Maize Maze at Millets Farm Centre in Oxfordshire is perfect for everyone, with three different mazes to choose from. They also have 3 woodland play areas, a fort maze, crazy golf and so much more!

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2. Visit a deer park

Deer in autumn woodland

Autumn commences the start of rutting season, and with lots more wildlife out and about makes it the perfect time to visit the local deer park! Why not visit Richmond Park in London? As one of the UK’s top forested areas, this beautiful London park boasts dozens of rare species of wildlife and animals inhabiting the land. It was first established by Charles I in the 17th century, being well renowned for the number of wild deer roaming the park. With its own modern tea room and view of St Paul’s Cathedral, this pristine beauty is even more popular in the autumnal months.

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3. Attend an Oktoberfest celebration

Oktober festival celebrations

With the arrival of autumn, comes the arrival of Oktoberfest celebrations. Originating from Germany, the festival finds its way into the UK during the autumnal season packed with plenty of food, music, dancing and beer! Why not try out the London Oktoberfest, the biggest and best of them in the UK. Being held from mid-October to the start of November at lots of different locations across London, there is plenty of excitement to be had!

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4. Collect conkers

Autumn conkers

Next time you’re out for a walk and spot a chestnut tree with those recognisable spikey green shells, why not stop and collect a bag with the kids? Conker collecting makes for a great pastime, from collecting the fallen and de-shelled ones to de-shelling them yourselves! Once the kids have collected their bag full of shiny conkers, take them home with you and play a game, whoever splits their opponent’s first wins! If you’re looking for good areas to scout for conkers, why not try Anglesey Abbey Gardens in Cambridgeshire!

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5. Go apple picking

Person holding freshly picked apples

With Apple Day falling on the 25th of September this year, and with events and celebrations all month round, what better way to celebrate than by picking your very own fruits? Grange Farm in West Sussex is perfect for the occasion, as one of the top 30 farm shops in Britain. It doesn’t just stock the farm’s produce; it also sells a wide selection of goods grown on local Sussex farms, so it is a one-stop shop for all your healthy, wholesome foods. The pick-your-own service includes plums and pears, and the farm is just a short distance from Chichester.

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6. Fright Nights at Thorpe Park

6th – 31st October

Fright Night Thorpe ParkThe ultimate destination for spooky season is Thorpe Park in Surrey, where only the bravest souls will enter. You will come face-to-face with the most dreaded and tormented terrors in scare mazes and scare zones – featuring live actors, special effects and frights around every corner. There will be awe-inspiring shows featuring live stage performers and special effects that will leave you petrified. And of course there will be thrilling rides in the dark – not least the world’s first horror movie-themed rollercoaster SAW, The Ride.​​

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7. Pick out your own pumpkin

Pumpkin patch

If you’re not a fan of apples, then why not try the famous gourd? Pumpkin picking is great for the whole family and makes for an amazing Instagram background. At Craigies Farm in Edinburgh, you can enjoy some relaxing treats whilst you deliberate which pumpkin you want to bring home with you. Then you have time to go off and handpick your very own pumpkin to decorate or display however you desire. Along with the farm’s plethora of other fruits available to pick and enjoy, this really does make the ideal family day out this October.

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8. Carve your pumpkin

Pumpkin carving

So you’ve picked out your ideal pumpkin, now what? Well, time to carve it into a spooky face! You can buy kits to de-gut your pumpkin and cut a spooky design onto the front of it from your local supermarket, but make sure you wash your hands as it’s going to get messy! If you have any pumpkin left over after, why not put it to good use and make some pumpkin pie.

9. Attend a scarecrow festival

Decorated scarecrows
Scarecrow festivals are an autumnal tradition, held annually from August right up to the end of November all around the UK. I guarantee that one of the small towns near you will be hosting one at some point. Why not try out National Trust’s very own Scarecrow Festival, held at Rufford Old Hall in Lancashire. With free entry, you can walk among the grounds and take a look at the scattering of decorated scarecrows around you.

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10. Go for an autumnal picnic

Autumnal picnic in the woods

What better way to spend autumn than among the colours of the season? Princes Street Gardens is a World Heritage Site and ‘an area of botanic and geological scientific interest’, but it is also centrally located and a glorious place to enjoy a picnic when the sun shines down on Edinburgh. For those seeking peace and tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of the city surrounding it, this is it. Think of it as a smaller, Scottish version of Central Park, NYC. Edinburgh Castle overlooks the gardens, and during spring, it’s particularly beautiful when the cherry blossom is in full bloom.

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