Alton Towers is the Perfect Easter Holiday Destination

Is there anything better than the thrill of a theme park?

The rides making your stomach do somersaults. The haunted house making you jump into the arms of a loved one. The food and drink threatening to make a swift return as you hurtle around on the highest roller coasters.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junky, or you need a little coaxing to get on board those more intimidating rides, there’s no doubt that theme parks, like Alton Towers in Staffordshire, offer a thrilling experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

So this Easter, when you’ve got the kids running around with energy to burn, why not try one of the country’s biggest and best theme parks for a few days and stay in one of our comfortable and affordable hotels?

The rides

This Easter is set to be no different with the new ride ‘Wicker Man’ just being announced for 2018 which is no doubt going to prove a huge hit amongst the other firm Alton Towers favourites.

Join the chosen ones as you hurtle around a labyrinth of twisted track that combines special effects with classic wooden coaster technology for the first time. Burning embers will light your path as you all journey towards a 6 storey high flaming effigy- the Wicker Man. He spectacularly bursts into flames as you pass through and race around the wooden tracks.

Don’t be fooled, The Smiler is in fact the world’s first 14 loop roller-coaster (with some smiles thrown in of course!) Expect phases such as The Inoculater, The Tickler and The Giggler to get you holding on to the edge of your seat and laughing all the way.

The thrills don’t end there. The spooky and mysterious THI3TEEN, the world’s first freefall drop roller coaster will have your heart in your mouth while the super speedy Rita will take you from 0 to 100kph in just 2.5 seconds. If being on the water is more your thing, then experience the more family friendly river rapids. Be sure to take a mac though as you may get a little wet on your way around.

2. The restaurant

All that racing around sure is thirsty work and after passing through flames, free-falling though a mysterious dark forest and doing a dozen loops on the Smiler, it’ll sure be time to refuel at the restaurant on site. The on-site restaurant not only offers exciting refreshments, but also an exciting and unique dining experience in the shape of the rollercoaster restaurant. Usually, waiting for your food can seem like an eternity but now you can watch your food come direct to your table and even do a loop-the-loop or two on the way there! A guaranteed fun filled experience for the kids and a dining experience like no other for the adults. You can book your place at the restaurant and browse the menu here.

3. The Spa

If racing around the thrilling rides and attractions has left you worse for wear then the Alton Towers Spa may be just the thing to help you relax and unwind. While the rest of the crowds are doing loop-the-loops and defying gravity, you can escape into the tranquil spa surroundings where you can keep your feet firmly on the ground. Whether for a full day or half a day, you can be guaranteed a relaxing time with the choice of many unwinding spa treatments and even a 2 course meal for a midday treat. A brilliant place to unwind if the hustle and bustle of the theme park gets on top of you.

Book your stay at our Travelodge Ashbourne hotel which is only 6 miles from exciting Alton towers.