Britons top 5 bucket list places to visit

Nearly half of Britons have a UK bucket list, according to a recent survey from Travelodge. From enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon to a quintessentially English tea at The Ritz, there’s key experiences that Britons are putting on their buckets lists to help live life to the fullest.

Here’s the nation’s Top 5 bucket list experiences:
1. Going to Wimbledon

Ranking top of bucket lists is a visit to Wimbledon. Played at the All England Club since 1877, the oldest tennis tournament in the world has some of the most sought after tickets of any sporting event. To get your hands on a ticket, you’ll need to register for the ballot early. If you don’t get lucky you can always join ‘The Queue’ – a defining feature of any fans’ Wimbledon experience. Once inside, don’t miss the very best of Britishness – with some strawberries and cream or Pimms.
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2. Having afternoon tea at the Ritz

Popular with all ages, afternoon tea at The Ritz is worth getting dressed up for. Experience one of Britain’s finest traditions with The Ritz’s Afternoon Tea Menu. There’s 18 different types of loose-leaf tea to choose from, including the exclusive Ritz Royal Blend Tea and a selection of finger sandwiches, scones and delicate pastries and teacakes. Just don’t forget to raise your pinky!
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3. Visiting Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is the 4th natural wonder of the UK. Legend has it that the 40,000 columns are the remnants from a causeway built by a giant. In reality, it’s the result of a volcanic eruption and cooling lava many millennia ago. With different walking trails surrounded by stunning scenery, it’s easy to see why the Giant’s Causeway makes the top 3.
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4. Exploring the British Museum

With over 13 million objects to discover, it’s no wonder the British Museum is a top 5 bucket list destination. Dedicated to human history, art and culture, don’t miss the 5000 year old sand-dried mummy and the famous Rosetta Stone – the key to deciphering Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
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5. Viewing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London

For over 600 years the breathtaking and world famous Crown Jewels have been stored behind bars at the Tower of London. Protected by armed guards, you can take in the collection of robes, medals and crowns in The Jewel House. Valued at over £2.5 billion- some are still used by Her Majesty The Queen today.
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