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Marketa, Hotel Manager

Back in 2007, Marketa started with the business as a Hotel Team Member and soon came to discover that no day is the same. She fell in love with the business, quickly moving through bigger and higher profile hotels. Marketa grew her knowledge and also met a lot of new colleagues who are now friends for life.

Marketa's career path

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  • Team Member, Watford

    Jan 2007 - Mar 2010

    Marketa joined the business in 2007 as a Hotel Team Member in one of our busiest weekend hotels. In the centre of Watford, the 99-bedroom bar cafe site, is where she quickly learnt that hospitality was for her.

  • Hotel Manager, Beaconsfield

    Apr 2010 - Oct 2011

    After three years, Marketa progressed into a Hotel Manager role at our 27-bedroom hotel located in a quiet market town – perfect for commuters. This gave her the time to really learn the Hotel Manager role.

  • Hotel Manager, Maidenhead

    Nov 2011 - Oct 2012

    Marketa showed that she had the passion to drive improvements, and was therefore successful in her appointment to Hotel Manager at our business customer-orientated 96-bedroom hotel in the town centre of Maidenhead.

  • Hotel Manager, Uxbridge

    Dec 2012 - Mar 2015

    Marketa’s next challenge was managing a site with 121 rooms and a busy bar cafe located in Central London, where she had to manage a larger team as well as a different customer mix.

  • Hotel Manager, Wembley

    Mar 2015 - Mar 2017

    Wanting to work in a bigger hotel, Marketa moved into our hotel in the heart of Wembley. With a high volume of event guests our 174-bed hotel is almost always full.

  • Hotel Manager, Tower Bridge

    Mar 2017 - Present

    Currently Marketa is managing our 190-bed business-focused hotel in the heart of London, where she is currently driving excellent customer service and building a strong and confident team.