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Cassandra, Hotel Manager

Cassandra started with Travelodge six years ago as a Housekeeper and now manages one of our hotels in Oxfordshire. She took the opportunity to progress within the business and to foster a great life for herself and her daughter. Travelodge has developed and worked with Cassandra to ensure that she excels within her career.

Cassandra's career path

  • team-member

  • team-member

  • medium-hotel-bar

  • small-hotel

  • Housekeeping Team Member, Redhill

    Jun 2011 - Apr 2012

    Joining the Travelodge family as a Housekeeper in a small 30-bed hotel in a good location near Gatwick Airport, allowed Cassandra to really understand how our hotels run.

  • Receptionist Team Member, Redhill

    Apr 2012- Jun 2014

    Wanting to move into reception, Cassandra relocated to the small 28-bed hotel in a quiet location near Bournemouth where she took on more and more responsibilities.

  • Assistant Hotel Manager, Bournemouth Central

    Jun 2014 - Aug 2016

    Cassandra proved her ability and was promoted into the Assistant Hotel Manager role in the 107-bed bar cafe hotel near Bournemouth centre and beaches. This is where Cassandra built her confidence managing a large team.

  • Hotel Manager, Oxford Wheatley

    Aug 2016 - Present

    To progress her career, Cassandra moved to Oxfordshire and is now the Hotel Manager of the small 36-bedroom hotel in Oxford Wheatley, a great place for business customers.