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Emily, Hotel Manager

Emily has been a part of the Travelodge team since 2013, and her adventure within our business has led her to the big city as well as meeting her partner along the way. She started off cleaning rooms on a part-time basis, then quickly discovered the endless opportunities offered in our business. She has managed and supported in several hotels across the country from Blackpool to Manchester and now in London.

Emily's career path

  • team-member

  • Management Development Programme

  • small-hotel

  • large-hotel-bar

  • small-hotel

  • medium-hotel-bar

  • Management Development, Blackpool south promenade

    Oct 2013 - Nov 2014

    Emily started to develop her skills in the company, moving from a Housekeeping role to a Receptionist role. She joined the business at our 79-bed bar cafe hotel in Blackpool Seafront, a great location during the school holidays filled with families on holiday.

  • Management Development, Blackpool south shore

    Nov 14 - July 2016

    Emily attended our Management Development Programme, and then took on the opportunity to use what she had learned at our 124-bed large bar cafe hotel located opposite Blackpool Football Club, thriving with a buzzing atmosphere.

  • holding manager, Lytham st annes

    July 16 - Oct 16

    Her first Management role was when she held the small 61-bed hotel located in the heart of St. Anne's centre, with an experienced team.

  • Assistant Manager, Manchester central

    Oct 16 - Feb 17

    Emily wanted to be in a busy city centre location, so moved to the large 181-bed hotel in the Manchester city centre thriving with a range of different customers.

  • Hotel Manager, Manchester didsbury

    Feb 17 - Oct 17

    She then moved to a small 62-bed hotel with a high occupancy, mostly business guests, which really allowed Emily to coach her team and ensure that they felt valued.

  • Hotel Manager, London feltham

    Oct 2017 - Present

    Emily has now relocated to London to pursue her career within our business and has moved into a medium bar cafe site with 115 bedrooms and a large bar cafe with a strong and experienced team.