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Harshita, Hotel Manager

Harshita is a highly valued Hotel Manager who has managed a number of our properties in Birmingham. She started as a Hotel Team Member, moving up into managing one of our very important Airport sites – at the same time as raising a young family.

Harshita's career path

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  • Team Member, Birmingham Broadway Plaza

    Oct 2011 - Mar 2013

    Back in 2011, Harshita joined the business as a Team Member – and was quickly recognised for her hard work and potential whilst working at our 74-bed hotel.

  • Assistant Hotel Manager, Birmingham Broadway Plaza

    Mar 2013 - Dec 2012

    Harshita then had the opportunity to put her leadership skills to use, effectively coaching and training the team at the 74-bed hotel to ensure that every customer had an excellent stay.

  • Hotel Manager, Birmingham

    Dec 2012 - Jul 2013

    Only fourteen months after joining Travelodge as a Hotel Team Member, Harshita secured her first Management role in our 32-bed Birmingham Sutton Coldfield hotel on the outskirts of Birmingham.

  • Hotel Manager, Birmingham Castle Bromwich

    Jul 2013 - Aug 2014

    After seven months, Harshita wanted to challenge herself and try a new hotel, and transferred to our 31-bed hotel on the outskirts of Birmingham, learning from a range of different challenges there.

  • Hotel Manager, Birmingham Yardley

    Aug 2014 -Aug 2015

    Harshita then moved to our Birmingham Yardley hotel with 64 rooms – and delivered her targets with dedication and the support of a great team.

  • Hotel Manager, Birmingham Central

    Aug 2015 - Nov 2016

    Her next challenge was to learn the ropes of a busy hotel, so Harshita went on to manage this 136-bed hotel – whilst continuously working to develop new skills to further her career.

  • Hotel Manager, Birmingham Airport

    Nov 2016 - Present

    Whilst on maternity leave, Harshita was appointed as the Hotel Manager for our 200- bed busy bar cafe hotel at Birmingham Airport, which she currently still manages. This has developed her knowledge around Food & Beverage, as well as how to effectively manage a much larger team.