Travelodge Wedding Service

A one stop shop for all your wedding accommodation needs at a great value price.

There is nothing like attending a good wedding however it can be a costly party. Britons, on average, are attending three weddings per year which can cost over £2,000.

The biggest gripe for most wedding guests is the accommodation cost. This is also a stressful part of wedding planning for brides and grooms too.

To alleviate the stress for brides & grooms and to ease the cost for wedding guests, Travelodge has launched a new wedding accommodation service – the first in the UK budget hotel sector.

With over 560 Travelodge hotels across the UK, you are sure to find a good quality and low cost hotel close to the wedding venue.

The Travelodge Wedding Service features the following:

  • A dedicated Travelodge expert who will design a bespoke wedding service
  • A low cost, tailored accommodation service close to the wedding venue
  • A one stop personalised website, booking platform and helpline that the bride and groom can share with their wedding party to ease the booking process for guests.

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